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Places To Go, People To See


TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS when I feel like I could just fold myself up like a road map and put myself in a desk drawer for a bit of a break.

I did get a good night’s sleep, but I don’t think I’m done with it. Everything and everyone is in a fog around me. On some days I’d appreciate that, but not today. I have things to do.

We are going to be heading down to Texas soon and there are a number of things that need to be taken care of beforehand. I need to go to the Post Office to stop mail delivery while we are gone.

That would seem to be a simple task, but the folks working at our local branch get sloppy with such things. A few years ago when we were in Ireland, a pink Parcel Pick-up Slip was dropped in our mailbox even though they knew we were out of the country. When we didn’t pick up the parcel after three days…they returned it to the sender…in Ireland. It turns out that the Post Office only puts a hold on some mail, not all of it. They don’t tell you that going in.

I also have to get my gazillion meds refilled early because I will run out while we are gone. Sometimes the pharmacy is very cooperative, but other times they look at me like I am Pablo Escobar.

Trust me: There is no “Street Value” for Potassium Chloride.

Our usual flight out of Indy takes off at about 8 AM. I do not relish the idea of leaving home at 3 AM to drive there, deal with the Park and Fly hotel, and get to the airport on time. So…we usually go the night before, check in at the hotel, and get a good night’s rest before flying. Our flight home always gets in at about 11:30 PM. We just reverse the process, stay at the hotel and drive home the next morning.

Try explaining that to a hotel desk clerk whose last job was making tacos. It is always an adventure.

We are going to be there – Deep in the Spleen of Texas – smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Season. We tried this same trip last year and ended up getting mugged by Hurricane Harvey. Our plan had us there for a week. Harvey had other ideas. We ended up doing frequent laundry for 17 days before we could get out of town. Let us hope that this year’s visit doesn’t turn into another mess like that.

We will be in “Tejas” helping out with Dawn’s 97 year old mother and with every facet of the Small Town Speed Trap called Sinton, Texas.

Sinton has about 5,000 people who call it home plus a bunch of others who are awaiting trial on various charges. Sinton has three Donut Shops, seven Bail Bondmen Storefront operators, and a Pizza Hut. I suspect that those three facts are somehow related – I just can’t prove it.

Because we have been spending a lot of time down there and we are people who are truly reliant on the internet we have started turning the Old Homestead into a “Smart House.” A couple of years ago the nearest “Hot Spot” was at the local library. Now “Gramma’s house” has the best connections this side of NASA. “Alexa” is right at home there. I can do my blogging and there are a couple of live streaming podcasts that originate there now.

Our departure date will be here sooner than I’d like. I always need more time to get my act together. I still have to complete arrangements for a couple of Doctor’s visits as soon as we get back. I’m already practicing my “Turn your head and cough,” actions.

I need coffee.

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  1. Sometimes we all feel a bit Kafkaesque…

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