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Another Cup? Don’t Mind If I Do.


SADDLE UP! GET READY TO RIDE! They are opening up another St. Arbucks here in our little town!

I’ve been hearing the scuttlebutt for some time now, but this morning I got confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. My pony was the Manager of my usual St. Arbucks Chapel/Roastery.

This new Chapel of the Roasted Bean will be Number 4.5 in Terre Haute (That’s French for “Pass the Half ‘n Half.”). The “.5” is a coffee counter in the Student Union building on the campus of the Indiana State University. That doesn’t really warrant a full status in my view.

When I first came to town in 2002 there was nothing. Not a bean in sight. As an ex-Californian it was like being stranded on a desert island surrounded by gigantic jars of Sanka. It was like being out of gas in the middle of Death Valley.

Something had to be done. I started sending email pleas to the Holy See in Seattle. Every month I would entreat them with, “In the name of all that is holy and caffeinated – please open a store here!” It took a while and a barrage of messages, but eventually they did plant a cupholder here next to an exit off of Interstate 70 – a logical if somewhat difficult to access spot. All of those big rig truckers on Speed could use an Espresso chaser to keep them wired and awake.

The day that first Chapel opened there was a line on NINE – count ‘em – NINE former Golden Staters waiting by the door. I actually met someone who had lived two blocks from me in San Francisco. We’d never met until Day One at the new St. Arbucks.

The oasis where I can be found on most mornings was Chapel Number 3. I was Customer/Worshipper #1 there.  It is only a two minute drive or a ten minute Limp from our home. In a pinch I suppose I could crawl there if necessary.

The new Chapel will be about three miles from home. We live on the East Side of town and it is a neglected area no longer. In recent years that barren stretch of farm land out by the other I–70 exit has blossomed after a fashion. Stores, a Hotel, and now a coffee oasis have turned our side of town into a place to see and be seen.

Eric the Red, AKA the Manager of Chapel #3 told me that this new life raft in a cup will be open before April, 1 2019. Not a day for fools to hesitate in line deciding what to order up. It’s called coffee. Get it in a cup, a mug, a paper cup, an IV bag, or in a syringe, but keep the line moving.

Until then I can and will continue to be found huddled in my usual corner with pen in hand and my coffee in front of me where I can keep an eye on it, not allowing it to run dry.

With Store #4.5 a fact I see it as a sign of the emergence of Terre Haute (That’s French for “We’re getting low on napkins over here.”) from the aura of Small Town America into the realm of “Small City America.” I don’t take complete personal credit for that. I could, but I don’t because every morning I look into the desperate eyes of people lining up and pleading for their coffee. I see them and I think it is, “Panic in Frappuccino Park.” When they open that new store these people won’t have to drive so far to find relief.

That’s a good thing.


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2 thoughts on “Another Cup? Don’t Mind If I Do.

  1. Things are really looking up. They opened a Starbucks in the mall in our little beach town in Spain!!! Now the coffee is 4 times the cost of a cafe con leche in the local coffee bars, and there are a lot of them, with very good coffee. But hey, it’s Starbucks and it is a little piece of home. I’m from Vancouver where there are more Starbucks than fish in the sea. I no longer have to drive an hour to the airport, and pretend I’m going somewhere, for a Vanilla Latte!! I guess you can see I’m more than happy.

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  2. I thought in this case that Terre Haute meant “you’re out of cream.”

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