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Holy Batcave, Krafty!

THINGS ARE BEGINNING TO GET SCARY AROUND HERE. Indiana State University has started playing football again, St. Arbucks is playing Dean Martin ballads at 6:30 AM, and now Terre Haute (That’s French for “Is that really ‘Amore?”) is being beset by sinkholes.

Yesterday I am at home minding my own business watching “Battlebots” on the “Science Channel” (Go figure that one.) when a Bulletin from the local TV station begins to crawl across the bottom of the screen like a drunk on Sunday morning.

“A large sinkhole has appeared on the intersection of 4th and Ohio Streets in downtown Terre Haute.”

Holy Batcave, Krafty! Has anybody noticed?

Things like that don’t happen here. We get Geese attacking cars or have Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies for a Parking Lot. But Sinkholes? No!

Yet there it is! Twenty feet deep and big enough to swallow a Politician’s promises.

Within moments of that news bulletin I felt the need to shift into Research Mode.

“The top sinkholes we have known and loved.”

The most recent nearby sinkhole I was aware of was the one that swallowed up a healthy portion of that

Corvette Museum down in Tennessee or Kentucky or someplace like that.

In the middle of the night the sinkhole opened up, swallowing their big display of Corvettes. No one was hurt, except perhaps psychically, watching those cars drop out of sight.

Further research uncovered another sinkhole with a similar problem, though instead of “Horsepower” it

was a real Horse at the bottom of the sinkhole. The horse was just standing there like this sort of thing happened every day.

The next sinkhole I found had an Elephant stuck in it. It looked like the Elephant was a baby so I can understand its distress.

Sinkholes seem to be (I almost said “popping up”, but that would be quite incorrect.) dropping all over the place.

This sinkhole picture looks like it opens up directly into Hell. If a Corvette falls into that – too bad, I own a Toyota.

This morning I showed a Gent at St. Arbucks this picture – a sinkhole taking a big bite out of a Jack Nicklaus Designer golf course. I should have remembered that he was an avid golfer. I hate seeing a grown man cry like that. Of course, me tossing in that the sinkhole made one heck of a sand trap didn’t help.

I need to go back into Sensitivity Training.

So, here we are in Terre Haute on the banks of the Wabash River which, if things get out of hand, might end up in our back yard.

The latest news shows that large cracks have appeared in the roadway heading right through downtown heading for the river.

I will keep you advised as to the progress of this sinkhole thing. However… if you are suddenly informed that Cincinnati is now a suburb of Chicago you will know that Terre Haute and the whole of Indiana is now sharing a space with a Corvette, a Horse, an Elephant, and a large number of golf balls.

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2 thoughts on “Holy Batcave, Krafty!

  1. Thanks for an updated news report, John. Good work on your research, too. I think Terrible Hut has had these holes before, over the years. Apparently, many old coal mines under the City? Hmmm………..

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