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This Has Not Been Fun


WE ARE BACK FROM CALIFORNIA where everything was sunny, bright, and cold. Every day it was mostly in the 60s where we were and I was toddling about in a Hawaiian Shirt designed for the 70s and 80s. Naturally the souvenir I brought back was a head cold.

Summer colds are the worst. While the outside temperatures might bump into the 70s or higher I am already running a fever and battling the best of Corporate America’s Air Conditioning.

We are in Indiana and it is Summertime. I am still feeling chills and fever so I am wearing a sweatshirt and drinking iced tea. It’s just not making any sense.

There was a minor surprise waiting for us upon our return – both our internet and our cable TV service were dead as a brick. We’d paid our bills before we left town so that wasn’t it. Hmmm.

In the pile of mail waiting for us on our return was a notice from “The Cable Company” that they we redoing the entire system and that we will need to get new “cable boxes” for each TV and all of this would go into effect two days before we would get back from California.

Oh, Goody.

That means that we are going to have to troop our tired butts down to the cable company office to get new equipment and thrash out a new package of what channels we want. I think we will pass on the Korean and Chinese Channels although the “Bollywood” extravaganza might be fun.

While we are dealing with the TV nonsense our internet connection has become very hit and miss. As a result I am going to have to spend more time down at St. Arbucks riding on their internet connection so I can upload each day’s blog postings. Ordinarily the baristas would be glad to see me. I’m harmless and not disruptive, but now I am wheezing, sneezing, and blowing my nose every twelve seconds – not good for their sales and I’m using up about three pounds of paper napkins per hour. I am killing their bottom line.

 My own bottom isn’t too chipper either with this head cold. I have more fluids exiting from all ports in my body than I can account for. There are colors coming out of me that never went in. I was really fun to have around on our transcontinental flight the other day. There were babies crying, two dogs barking, and me hacking and sneezing. Four hours in Heaven it wasn’t.

I must admit that even though I was not well our time in San Diego was well spent. There were a couple of days before my sinuses went into active rebellion. It was nice to see old friends. Unfortunately I fear that I may have infected some of them before leaving. Hopefully they will forget about that before we meet again next year in Cleveland.

Cleveland is my old hometown. I left there in 1978 so I suspect that things have changed. I know that the Rock and Roll Museum wasn’t there during my tenure as a Clevelander. I’m looking forward to seeing my old home.

This has been a mess of a month. Too much travel. Too much Post Nasal Drip. Too much dealing with the cable TV nonsense.

It’s all been just too much. I want some peace and quiet – and dry sinuses.

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2 thoughts on “This Has Not Been Fun

  1. | Thanks. Feeling much better now. 

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  2. Some days just aren’t fun!


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