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Watch The Water


I JUST GOT A NEW WRISTWATCH. I know that such a revelation is not earth-shaking, Shake and Baking, or Shake, Rattle, and Rolling.  It’s not any kind of shaking. It is just a wristwatch.

I like wristwatches. Scattered about my corner of Terre Haute (That’s French for “What time is it?”) I must have 25 or 30 wristwatches. Most of them came from E-bay which means that very few of them cost me more than ten bucks. My newest purchase came from Amazon. It ran me about $30, shipping included.

The only reason I dropped that much on a watch is that this was something unique – and a few years ago this same watch would have cost me $350 – $400 and I would NEVER pay that much for anything that didn’t have four wheels and radial tires.

This newest member of my Wristwatch Harem is a Casio Solar Power watch. It has no “battery” as such. It has no little knob to wind it up. What it does have is a solar panel as the face of the watch that converts light, either sunlight or artificial, into electrical current that powers the timekeeping mechanism. Nifty, eh?

When these watches first came on the market they were all the rage and definitely expensive. I just thought they were very cool, but I don’t pay big bucks for cool.

I was showing off my new toy to my wife, the lovely and chronologically logical, Dawn, and I pointed out that it is also water resistant to 100 Meters. That is quite a ways underwater – 328 feet 1.008 inches to be annoyingly and unnecessarily exact. Scuba Diving experts plead with divers to never go deeper than 130 feet (39.62400 meters). I follow that advice religiously. I never go deeper than 5 or 6 inches. In the tub. On Saturday night. Whether I need it or not.

Water and I do not get along. I do not and cannot swim. I do not like boats. I am not all that crazy about bridges. I will never go Scuba Diving, but my wristwatch is good to 328 feet 1.008 inches underwater. At 328 feet 1.008 inches my wristwatch can still tell me the correct time.

If I find myself 328 feet 1.008 inches underwater the correct time is not my main concern. If the watch is 328 feet 1.008 inches underwater I am fervently praying that I am nowhere nearby.

I didn’t buy this watch for its ability to give the time as I am drowning. I got it to tell me the time and the date while keeping itself nutritionally powered up and running. I wanted a free range cow that I could wear on my wrist that would moo on the hour.

My new wristwatch is a real multi-tasker. It can tell me the time anywhere in the world. It can tell me the date and it can let me set up to five different alarms. I don’t know why I would want to have five different alarms. I’m retired – I don’t even want one alarm. All of that and Voyage to the Bottom of the Seaworthy information.

I like my new watch.

I Dropped My Watch!

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4 thoughts on “Watch The Water

  1. Ron W on said:

    Sounds like you really do like your watch, John. By the way, what time is it? (I lost my watch).

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  2. John, your sunny personality will always keep it running. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. By the way, i have one watch, a Timex Expedition…but I’m nit ‘expeditioning’ anywhere. When I was in the hospital a few years ago, i got in the habit of wearing it face down. It would never see the sun to get charged if it was solar powered.

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