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There’s Always Something New

DRONES – THERE ARE A NUMBER OF DIFFERING DEFINITIONS of that word. Some are nouns, others are verbs, and others just a pain in the neck. Then there are some that kind of slop over from one category to another.

To Drone: To speak endlessly in a monotone voice with no apparent effect other than to induce sleep. Usually done by politicians and…No, that’s pretty much it.

“What’s causing that Drone?” – A Scottish Bagpipe Band must be nearby. Either that or it’s “Here come the Killer Bees!” (Pointless Aside: I went to school with a fellow who got a full-ride college scholarship because he could play the bagpipes. I could play Yahtzee, but I got nothing.)

“Oh, look! There is a Drone flying over our house! Hand me the rifle.”

The flying version of the word Drone is very in-the-news these days. I think that the people who are really into those gizmos are the same people who built model airplane as kids and moved onto R/C (Radio Controlled) cars, boats, and planes when they were old enough to find employment.

I never fit into any of those categories. I spent my money on books, music, and postage. For a portion of my pubescent years living in a small town I would mail out handwritten letters to both famous and infamous figures asking for autographs. I learned how to word my letters so that I got a surprising level of response from my targets. Our Mailman was so confused.

I’m sure that I was the only kid in town who got Christmas Cards from the Muslim President of Egypt. The Pope sent nice cards too.

But I digress…Back to Drones.

The way things are anyone with the cash or a credit/debit card can buy a Drone and immediately become an irritant to friends, neighbors, and low flying birds.

What must the birds be thinking upon encountering a whirring Drone in midair?

“What is that? Mama never told me about these creatures. I wonder if we are related?”

That’s what your garden variety birdfeeder visitor might say. Those big old nasty Crows might have other words.

“What the…? No way! This is our turf you big ugly thing. Get the F@#* out of here or I’ll call in ten thousand of my family and we will rip you to pieces!”

Crows never read anything by Dale Carnegie, just Mickey Spillane.

I have nothing against Drones. I have a friend here in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Help me find my Drone.”) who is a “Dronista.” He is a fine responsible person who doesn’t use his Drone to terrify birds or buzz the landing strip at the Terre Haute Intergalactic Airport. The incoming “Con-Air” flights hate it when you do that.

Unfortunately there are those dummies out there who are just bright enough to read the

instruction manual that comes with their new Drone. They use their new toys to annoy people and to interfere with real airplanes that have people on board. There have been collisions with airliners and with military planes. One of these days, because of such idiots, the boom will fall on the responsible hobbyists and Drones may disappear from the screens of Amazon.

Some people just can’t leave well enough alone. They have to push it until it all falls apart – which is what happened in 1961 when my brother, who was serving with the U. S. Army Security Agency, got called on the carpet to explain why his little brother was getting regular mail from Radio Havana.

I was just trying to get an autograph from Fidel Castro.

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