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Packing Luggage Is An Art

WHENEVER MY WIFE, the lovely and transportationally adept, Dawn, and I go anywhere we are faced with a dilemma – What should we pack and what should be left at home.

Some things are obvious – Socks. I need socks so I make sure that I pack them. Other things like….oh, the refrigerator, stay at home. A notebook and extra pens go with me. My Giants beach umbrella with the built in beverage cooler stays at home too. Other things are not so easy to decide about.

There are other factors like how long we will be away, where are we going, and for what purpose.

The length of our stay is a factor only when it comes to how many Hawaiian Shirts. I can cover that up to more than three weeks without even trying – After that and it can require more frequent laundering. A couple of years ago we were in Ireland for SEVEN WEEKS (Helpful tip: Ireland is not a great climate for Hawaiian Shirts so I carried a limited number for formal occasions.).

Lately most of our travel has been to visit with Family in Texas. Climate there is quite “iffy.” There is no proper way to pack for the possibility of hurricanes. Just be prepared by bringing along some work gloves to use during the debris clean-up after the storm passes.

We will also be going to San Diego this Summer for our Annual Church Meeting. The great climate there means it will be full steam ahead on Hawaiian Shirts. We will be staying in a large hotel while there so I always pack a couple of extension cords and some snacks. I have no official duties at the Meeting so I will be doing a lot of writing, reading, and snacking. My Hawaiian Shirts all have nice pockets. They can easily hold both crackers and peanuts. I know because I have done this before.

Of course my luggage will have sufficient numbers of other societally obligatory clothing items. Whatever space is left will be filled with whatever can’t fit into Dawn’s luggage.

I try to take full advantage of my “Carry-On” bag. I’ve just purchased a new one. My old bag was starting to come apart. It was just never meant to carry 300# of stuff. I think I have learned my lesson.

With my new bag (Contest to “Name The Bag” coming soon!) I intend to use it for the bare necessities only. That should cut it down to about 150# – no more. Computer, Power Cords, and Kindle – that’ll take it up to about 20#. Add in my meds and we hit the 150# mark. On a good day I should be able to slip in a Hershey Bar. This upcoming trip will be its maiden voyage and I’m hoping to be able to heft it into the overhead compartment by myself. When my old Carry-On weighed more than my car it was difficult to get it up there. I’m hoping the lighter bag will be a solution.

Traveling by Air these days is a lot like traveling by Bus was back in the late 1960s – It smells and your fellow passengers all look like fugitives.

I’m going to go do a practice packing job now and try to see if I can slip an extra cookie or two into my luggage.

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8 thoughts on “Packing Luggage Is An Art

  1. I remember the recent trip to Texas and the weather was not your friend.

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  2. So funny, John!


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