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A Man, A Plan, A T-Shirt

THEY SAY THAT IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE. If you are selling cars or pizzas I can certainly agree. However, I’m not sure that this fellow has approached this in the right way.

He is obviously looking to find a young lady to spend some time with. He is lonely. He feels that advertising is a good way to answer his needs. His choice of media might be lacking in mass appeal, but he is trying.

I think that this gentleman has done some market research and is placing his ad where it will do the most good. It appears in the picture that he is walking around inside a large store – like a Wal-Mart or something similar. He is not wasting his time at the Library. He is not on a University campus or even cruising the local Mall. No, he knows what he is looking for and he knows where to find it. You don’t go fishing for trout in the desert.

This fellow is exhibiting certain traits that the single young ladies walking around that store might find attractive.

He is creative. One glance can tell you that.

He is polite. His use of the language is quite civil.

He is not destitute or he wouldn’t be out shopping.

He can spell.

I must admit that his penmanship is not the best, but writing on a T-shirt like his must not be easy without help and, judging from his message, he is flying solo in life.

Some people may criticize this fellow and his efforts to meet women. That’s fair. I think that I would have done it all quite differently. First off, I would have used color markers or a colorful shirt, but who am I to criticize an artist’s creative choices?

Using his clothing as the billboard for his message is clever, but he is hardly the first person to do so. There are countless T-shirts out there with similar goals, albeit executed crudely and bordering on the obscene. Those shirts are usually worn by teenagers and twenty-something boys with both shyness and/or drinking issues.

I used to work with teenage boys and part of my assignment was to improve their social skills. There was one youngster who liked to wear tacky T-shirts like “F.B.I. – Female Body Inspector.” I asked him, “Do you know who wears shirts like yours? Guys who never have girlfriends.” I never saw him wear that Tshirt again.

This fellow in the picture above has taken a more mature approach to solving what he perceives as a deficiency in his life. Personally I can see only one real flaw in his mobile advertising T-shirt. He asks interested single women to send him a text message. He has written his address at the bottom of his shirt. We have blotted that out because we don’t want him to start getting spam messages by the millions. Putting it there for all to see opens him up to getting put on every scam list in creation. I think he should have told any interested females to meet him in the Housewares Department where he could impress them with his knowledge of kitchen utensils. Do that and Bing! Bang! Boom! – We have made a Social Contact.

This guy is really very clever and has more on the High Tech ball than is apparent at first glance. He could very well be the next Mark Zuckerberg. It could all lead to “Good-bye Facebook” and “Hello, “Shirt-Face.”

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3 thoughts on “A Man, A Plan, A T-Shirt

  1. 🙂 🙂 Very funny, John! I class it as one of your best, comically. I had to laugh (meaning I couldn’t help myself) most of the way through it this morning. This for sure a keeper. It’s made my day. Thanks.


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