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Leave Me Alone!

SOME MORNINGS I JUST FEEL LIKE SLAPPING SOME PEOPLE upside the head and down the other side. Not out of any anger, but as an attempt to get them to wake up and smell the coffee – the coffee that I am trying to drink in peace.

Almost every morning lately I’m in my corner at St. Arbucks and no matter how hard I try to ignore it – I cannot avoid hearing the conversations of other people. The problem arises when all they want to rant about is Politics and Politicians. I can’t think of anything that I want to avoid more at 6:30 in the morning. The sun isn’t even up yet, let alone me. At that time of day I’d prefer a little music or the voices in my head who tell me “knock – knock” jokes.

I can’t understand the exaggerated outrage emanating from some people when they learn of a public official getting caught in “flagrante dilecto” with another unofficial person. I think that they should just be grateful that the politician isn’t schtupping domestic pets or small woodland creatures.

Irony Alert!

Who could believe that any politician would ever misbehave or do anything illegal, immoral, or fattening?

Find me one who DOESN’T act like a 14 year old who has the keys to both the liquor cabinet and the family car. Really.

I think that I may just need to go out and buy myself some earplugs or some heavy-duty headphones. Maybe some AC/DC or Metallica might cover up the other noise.

I can sit quietly by in my chair and see people turning purple as they argue (not discuss) about politics and politicians. It will not be a surprise when one of them pops a gasket and keels over into their salted caramel Frappuccinos. Some of these folks are older than me and when they get all worked up they must have the Blood Pressure of a Giraffe.

When I go there for a cuppa I don’t want or need to be subjected to anyone’s soapbox oratory. I don’t care if they are Liberal, Conservative, or just plain Incoherent – and some days it is hard to tell the difference.

The other morning one of the Apostles of Ignorance tried to rope me into his freak show. He had been yammering for about ten minutes about something when he turned to me and got in my face with, “…And what is your opinion about this?”

In an effort to be polite and remain non-felonious I calmly lifted my head from the table and announced, “At 7 AM I don’t have any opinions. I barely have a pulse.” With that his eyes glazed over, he turned away and ignored me for the rest of his diatribe.

I was happy.

Does all of this make me seem more curmudgeonly than usual? If so, well that’s just the way that cookie crumbles. Given the highly politicized atmosphere in the country these days I find my reactions and responses to be more survivalist than impolite. I’ve been down this road before. I remember the 1960s when political discourse and unrest was a daily thing. I wasn’t a fan of it all then and I’m even less tolerant of it today when my feet hurt and I feel surrounded by fools.

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8 thoughts on “Leave Me Alone!

  1. Ha. Loved your come back. Yes, those good ole politic discussions are getting real old.


  2. Great answer! Hubby went to get his passport picture taken the other day and the photographer asked him if he thought Prince Charles should be allowed to be King of England, as he is an adulterer after all. Hubby, who could care less, just shrugged. I would have said, “What king hasn’t been???” Why do people think others are interested in this stuff?

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  3. Well said, John. I love your 7:00 AM answer.

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  4. Jerry L. Anderson on said:

    I find it best to stay away from political and religious discussions.

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  5. John, you have expressed my feelings pretty exactly.


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