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Se Habla Coffee Aqui?


THIS MORNING I DISCOVERED ONE MORE ADVANTAGE to being a retired old Geezer. I am no longer fraught with the problems of making career decisions. All of that is behind me in the far distant past – and in a galaxy far, far away.

I came to realize this about myself early this morning as I was getting my coffee from a young (23) barista down at St. Arbucks. The young barista has recently finished college with a degree in Spanish. With that degree her job opportunities in Terre Haute (That’s French for “No habla Español aqui.”) are rather limited unless you had a minor in burrito making. So, this pleasant young lady has to make some hard choices – either move someplace for a job that can utilize her skills and education or get used to wearing an apron and a plastic name tag.

I asked her, “How are things on the career front?” While I was being merely politely inquisitive she actually took the time to tell me. Good thing there was no one in line behind me.

She told me that she has applied for a job in Spain to teach English to Spaniards who want to come here. It sounds like an even trade to me.

I’ve known other people who have done the same thing. They became fluent in another language and took it overseas. I think that that is a great way to expand your cultural worldview and to get in some real travel time before getting into life’s more traditional ruts. Nothing could be more fun when you are 23 years old like this young graduate. I wouldn’t want to do it now, at my age though. I have enough trouble remembering my English and my Spanish, French, and Arabic language skills would only get me either slapped or arrested – or both.

If I was her age with her language skills I would be sorely tempted to go after a similar job for a couple of years. It’s not a career unless you end up owning the company that has hired you. I’ve known others who took jobs acting as tour guides for group tour companies that shuttle American tourists around Europe by the busload.

My degree was in Theater and the last thing that most countries want or need is another unemployed actor. If I looked like Antonio Banderas 20 years ago I could have pulled it off, but once the jowls begin to appear…well, has anybody seen Antonio lately?

The young señorita told me this morning that next week she is going for a second interview up in Chicago (A three hour drive away.). She seems to be very excited about it all with just a dash of trepidation. Even though she spent her Junior year in Barcelona taking this actual job in Spain is the real thing. There will be no coming home to Momma on Spring Break. This is when she will learn to be a Grown-up.

I am excited for her. I want her to succeed, but we will all miss her here because if she goes to Spain we will be losing one of the better baristas.

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3 thoughts on “Se Habla Coffee Aqui?

  1. Please let us know how the second interview goes. Fingers crossed.

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