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It’s Not Camelot, But…


TIME TAKES ITS TOLL on things as well as on people. Fortunately it is easier to repair the things than it is to fix people. Stuff. When stuff breaks we can just call someone to come and make it all better.

While the hair on my head has gotten thinner with age so has the roof over our heads,

It recently became obvious that the time had come to put a new roof on our castle. Time, the ravages of weather and a couple of fallen tree limbs made the decision for us. It could be put off no longer. It had to be done – and soon. The soon to be arriving spring rains could not be allowed to inundate us as we slept.

I asked around and got a couple of references from people about who to call to get us a new roof. After weeding out the idiots and crooks we hired an outfit to do the job. They were not the cheapest, but they answered my questions and also answered their phone when I called them.

Once the deal was struck only one matter remained – “How soon can you do the job?” To my delight they agreed to start at once. I was glad to hear that because we had to leave for Texas the next day.

Sitting down in Texas I watched the Weather Channel, monitoring the chances for rain back here in Terre Haute (That’s French for “Do you hear a dripping sound?”).

My father was a roofer by trade. He had his own company and I grew up knowing that putting on a roof was a weather sensitive task. It rains – no roofers. It stops raining – roofers reappear like dandelions. I was praying for dry weather. I even investigated to see if there was any kind of Native American “No rain” dance.

When we returned to Indiana I was surprised to see the roofers still working on the house. I was hoping that that they would have been done by the time we got home, but no such luck. They were almost done, but not quite. I chatted with the job foreman who said that the weather had been a factor in the delay, but the first thing they did was close up the damage done by those pesky tree limbs.

So, now we have a new roof. It looks nice and it doesn’t have any holes in it. Now that the job is completed I can sleep easier and I can put away the umbrella.

Less than a week after the new roof was in place we were hit with torrential rains. I hate to think what would have happened if we had delayed taking action.

I’m happy, my wife, the lovely and smiling, Dawn, is happy. The dogs next door are happy too. Having a crew of a half dozen strangers crawling all over our house just on the other side of the fence drove them crazy. The roofers told me that Zoe and Zeus barked at them nonstop the entire time they were on site. Zeus even sounded a bit hoarse to me. He is normally a large and quiet dog, but by the time we returned he looked like he was on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. All of those noisy strangers were too much for him. Little Zoe, the barking football, barks all of the time anyway, so she always looks half crazy.

Today the sun is shining; we have a nice new roof over our heads and two neurotic dogs next door. Ahhh – it’s almost a perfect world.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Camelot, But…

  1. I’m always worried about having work done while we are away. What if they do it wrong? What if they do the wrong house? At least you didn’t have to listen to the dogs.


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