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Back It Up Over Here

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE who follow this strange blog and who are into recipes, cooking, and the very creative Culinary Arts. I’m not really all that sure what they are getting out of it, but I am most grateful for their attention. I mention this because today’s blog is about food. Specifically it is about the monthly special at a local eatery.

Every Thursday Dawn and I take our son, Alex, out to dinner and just a mozzarella stick’s throw from Alex’s house is “Charlie’s Pub and Grub.” It is just a neighborhood bar that has transformed itself from a real Punch Palace roughneck bar into a nice place to go for a casual meal.

“Charlie’s” is known for their “Tweety Burger” – named after the original owner of the pub. It is a half-pound monster of a burger that I am reluctant to attack. Every month a new version of the “Tweety” emerges from the kitchen to challenge those with a hearty appetite. This month’s special is “The Double Wide Tweety.”

This creature is described thusly: “It’s better than watching a Jerry Springer Marathon. We take a ½ lb. Tweety and top it with fried bologna, American Cheese, and Lay’s potato chips, all on top of buttered and grilled white bread. It looks better than your cousin and no one makes you feel bad about loving it.”

I don’t know about the burger, but the description is a real winner. I must congratulate the owner for turning loose his kitchen staff that each month comes up with things like “The Double Wide Tweety.”

When I saw the announcement of this new Burger of the Month my first thought went to what should be the Side Dishes. Almost immediately I knew that The Double Wide had to come with Tater Tots! Nothing else would do and, even though I don’t care for it myself, anyone ordering The Double Wide would have to wash it down with a giant Mountain Dew. Of course if you want to make it truly authentic you might toss in a couple Oxycontin.

I know that when I was younger I might have accepted the challenge and ordered The Double Wide, but these days, after losing a Gall Bladder and gaining thirty pounds I must defer. If I tried to down that half pound behemoth my wife would have to take me home in a “To-Go Box.”

Me After Eating A Double Wide Tweety

We enjoy going to Charlie’s. I was in a Dart league there a few years ago and it still draws people who like to toss darts, chalk up a pool cue, and even play board games.

It may have started out as a “Shot and a beer” drinking bar, but with a chain of new owners over time it has become a place to go for fun, fine food, and a “We Double Dare You” to your gastro-intestinal tract.

If you are feeling up to it and you are in the neighborhood, stop by for a “Double Wide.”

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2 thoughts on “Back It Up Over Here

  1. Big rim shot on that last photo, John. Thanks for the laugh.

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