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Throwback Thursday From March Of 2015 – “Congratulations, You’re Still Alive!”

Doctor visit

Throwback Thursday From March Of 2015 – “Congratulations, You’re Still Alive!”

I WENT TO SEE MY DOCTOR this morning. I see him about every three months. He likes to keep tabs on me because of my high blood pressure and the veritable buffet of meds that I take.

The last time I saw him my BP was 120/60 – which is pretty darn near perfect for a human being. This morning it was 110/60 – a tad low. Compared to what it was a few years ago when I first went to see him, he is happy. Back then it was something like 180/170 – not bad if you are a cheetah chasing down a springbok, after having had a half dozen espressos and a pound of licorice.

In celebration of my lower BP he has cut my dosage on a pair of my meds. I figure that this is a good move. It tells me that I’m doing better, I’ve lost weight, and I can save a few bucks in the process. Of course, I still take a bunch of other stuff, both true meds and some supplements. I take enough potassium chloride to empty out every Death Row in the country. Fish oil and vitamin D are part of my routine as well.

I usually take my morning meds with iced coffee during services at St. Arbucks. In the middle of winter I would come in and order iced coffee. It tended to draw stares when it was 10 below outside. I wouldn’t have minded a nice steaming cuppa, but have you ever tried to take pills with hot coffee? It just doesn’t work.

Whenever I see this doctor he always asks if we have any vacations planned. No matter where we are going, he has been there. One of these days I’m going to spring “Skiing in the Congo” on him and see what he says. He gets around for a guy from India.

We set up my next appointment for the usual three months. I feel like he is giving me clearance to stay alive for another three months when he does that. The lady at the front desk who actually sets the schedule told me that it has to be four months this time because they are closing down for June. They are all going skiing in the Congo no doubt. So, my next appointment is going to be in July. I hope that my doctor just forgot about the June thing and not that he was telling me that three months was it. After that it’s a crap shoot.

Another strange thing about my visit there today was something I spotted while I was just sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

There are usually magazines spread about to help pass the time. Most days you can find “People,” “Time,” and miscellaneous health related stuff. Those things were there today, but poking out from the pile was, “American Rifleman.” That is the official journal of the National Rifle Association. THAT I did not expect to see.

When I mentioned this to my wife, the wonderful and lovely Dawn, she said that, perhaps, the place was going to start offering discounts on gunshot wounds. Hmmmm – could be. The clinic just opened up a new building and could probably use some more business to help with the mortgage. And, Lord knows with better weather afoot, the throng of larceny-minded idiots on the street will increase and they really do not mix well with the increasing number of citizens who carry concealed handguns.

Between now and my next appointment in July we will be traveling to Utah and Texas. I look forward to having the doctor one-up me with tales about his travels – skiing in the Congo, golfing in Antarctica, or wherever.

I will not it let it raise my blood pressure.

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