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Making A Spectacle Of Myself


I HAVE MY NEW EYEGLASSES! It has been well over a month since I started this whole cataract adventure. I have been living with nonstop eye drops and a pair of Dollar store spectacles for so long now that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to pick up a book and read. I may need Physical Therapy to get back in the groove.

When I went in for my latest and final visit with Dr. Doogie, my 12 year old ophthalmologist with a five o’clock shadow, he said that everything looked good and that my vision was now at 20/25 – not perfect but some concession had to be made for my age. I was actually able to read the bottom line on the eye chart. When I first went in I could only read the first line below the


Once the surgery was done I spent a month getting so many eye drops it was like living next to a lawn sprinkler. But now! All of that is done and I now have new peepers to deal with the problem of Astigmatism. Even at 20/25 it makes everything smudgy.

This is where you come in.

You, Dear Reader, have to pick out which of the glasses shown here are actually mine. It’s a contest with no prizes for the winners.

I have posted a number of images. All of them were under consideration. They all had that certain “something” that made me go, “Hmmm, maybe this pair.”










I can give you just one hint to help you guess: My wife, the lovely and ever tasteful, Dawn, was not with me when I went shopping. That fact should be taken under advisement. She is a sharp dresser and always looks great. Me? It’s a special occasion when I look any more together than a Goodwill Donation Bin.

What can I say?

I picked up my glasses yesterday morning and, like with any new pair of glasses, it took a few hours for my eyes and brain to adjust. I’ve always found that going up and down stairs to be a real adventure until everything gets used to the new lenses. I stumbled a bit at first, but that was nothing new. I do that every day anyway. According to one Doctor, “Krafty, you don’t walk. You have controlled falling.”

But, by today everything is inching toward “Normal,” only better. I can see of the world with all of its real colors and with a brightness that has me donning sunglasses. I do look cool I must admit. I’m sort of a Tom Cruise with gray hair, a belly, and acting ability.

Now…Which pair of glasses am I wearing right now? The Slinky Eyes? Maybe it’s the Magic X-Ray Glasses.

Deciding which pair to choose was not easy. I had to consider cost of course, and style. I didn’t want anything that wasn’t “Me.” That factor eliminated the idea of buying matching Monocles. I didn’t want to look like Mr. Peanut. I have my public image to consider.


OK, now you go ahead and look over the choices. I will have the “Big Reveal” tomorrow in a tasteful and socially acceptable manner.

Until then – “Here’s looking at you, Kid”

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2 thoughts on “Making A Spectacle Of Myself

  1. The coke bottle glasses of course!!


  2. The magic x-ray glasses. Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow. Glad your vision is improving, John.


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