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Time Februarys On


WE ARE CLOSING IN ON THE END of February and, unless some changes have been made without my knowledge, March will soon be here.

Why the big deal? So what? Well, let me tell you.

Aside from the fact that I’m done with my eyeball surgery business and I can actually see what is going on around me much more clearly, a number of important and wonderful things will be happening in March.

To begin with once March begins it will mean that it is no longer February! February is the lamest month of the year. It has the look and feel of something made up from leftovers and scraps of other months. The weather is almost always lousy and it serves no real purpose other than to keep January and March from bumping into one another.

In a way I feel sorry for February. Other months are named after Roman gods or Emperors, but February is named after a Festival of Purification. In other words, “Hey, February, Clean up around here, will you!” Other months: Roman gods. February: Janitorial Services

Once we can get February out of the way the rest of the year starts to kick into gear. In March alone there are a number of things that make me jump for joy.

In March comes the beginning of Spring with flowers and warmer temperatures. Daylight Savings Time starts so we can enjoy the daylight hours and look at all those flowers. Baseball Spring Training is in full swing and the first real games of the season start in March.

Batter up!

Those Romans had it right – get things tidied up in February and then plug in the new year in March. The Roman calendar began with March and, unless you were Julius Caesar, things were uphill from there. Poor Julius bought the farm on March 15th in 44 B.C. He may have been the Emperor, but he was also one of those Top Dogs who felt the need to have their very own month named after them. That’s how we got July wedged in there; forever after making calendars cost more (The Emperor Augustus didn’t help matters either).

March is filled with other special and nifty events. There is St. Patrick’s Day when the river in Chicago turns green, along with countless livers worldwide.

The entire month of March reflects the arrival of Spring by being dedicated as National Optimism Month. A whole month when negative thinking is taboo. A month to spread those Positive Vibes.

Being pessimistic keeps you stuck in a perpetual February, but by thinking upbeat helps to move you and me onward to the even better months to come.

As Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity…while an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” The man was a walking, talking greeting card.

March will be here momentarily, overflowing with opportunities and other good stuff. OK…I know that I’m a few days early – so sue me. When I know that there are better times ahead I am like a kid at Christmas. I’m looking through the store window at the bright and beautiful display, just waiting for the doors to open so I can go inside where it’s warm.


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3 thoughts on “Time Februarys On

  1. I am always happy to see the back of February. Plus my birthday is in March!


  2. I’m with you, John. Good thing February has only 28 days, most years. Like you said, it is sandwiched between January, a fun month of snow and winter, and March, a start of spring.


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