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Thinking To Tomorrow

I AM A BIG FAN OF CREATIVITY. It comes in all sorts of flavors. Some people are creative with words, others paint, while others create the things that make the world operate on a daily basis. Then there are those whose creativity is manifested by seeing tomorrow in new and amazing ways. Me? I crack jokes and hope to make each day a little more palatable.

That’s OK by me.

Talent comes in many ways and I try to respect it and applaud when it passes before my eyes. In recent days (years really) there has been a fellow who has been one of those people who sees tomorrow and flexes his creativity to take us there.

To be sure, this chap is a bit of an Eccentric, but I think his “eccentricity” is just that he sees the world from a slightly different angle than the rest of us.

A native of South Africa, the man with the unusual name of Elon Musk is moving the technical world into the future by taking the way things are done today and saying, “Why can’t it work this way?”

He made his initial fortune the way other billionaires do these days – in computer software and applications. Now he is moving out of this world.

Whether his fantastic reusable rockets ever work out or not is almost irrelevant. The fact that he is trying to improve the way things are done is the important part. Anyone who tries to do something in a new and different way moves everyone and everything along the road. It’s called Progress.

Elon Musk is just one high profile person. His innovative exploits are front page fodder. He is lauded by some and denigrated by others. It’s always that way. Tomorrow is always a little frightening. Some people can’t deal with change. They see creativity in action and they are fearful that they will be left behind. They will be. History is littered with those who were satisfied with making buggy whips.

Change is inevitable. It can be for the Good or for the Bad. It is never a smooth road either way.

As long as people continue to dream, to look at their world and say that there must be a better

way to do this or that, then creativity will blossom and tomorrow will be better than today.

Creativity, whether it be nurturing the enormous ideas of an Elon Musk, or the small and at first unnoticed words from a quiet storyteller or poet, is a constant flame that lights the way and warms the heart and soul.

See it and shelter it. When you hear a child ask, “Why?” or “Why not?” treat him or her like a new and tender plant. It is those few words that have moved us out from the caves and are leading us out to – to wherever tomorrow will take us.

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One thought on “Thinking To Tomorrow

  1. Excellent perspective, John. Elon Musk is a brilliant thinker. Watching those boosters return from a recent launch and land softly beside each other was an awesome moment. Just think what a place the world could be if we all could just cooperate. There’s a kid in Wisconsin who has invented a mechanism to prevent doors from being opened in the event someone was trying to break in for nefarious purposes. How creative he was in designing this gadget to meet a need. Check out ‘JustinKase’ on the Internet.

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