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Don’t Give Me The Bird


SOME DAYS I THINK THAT I JUST LET THE WORLD WALK ALL OVER ME. Every day I see people who, it seems to me, are just taking advantage of the basic goodness of the world.

I’m not talking about blatant Con Men or people who perpetrate the cruel and nasty on people. No, I mean those who push on the envelope of everyday life for their own benefit. You know what I’m talking about. They are the ones who if they were out Trick or Treating would try to finagle an extra Milky Way from the nice lady at the door.

When I come across people who are really abusive I tend to snap back at them, but it’s hard to go ballistic on someone who just doesn’t know when to stop pushing.

For some people their pets are truly vital to their emotional stability. Dogs and cats can love their humans unconditionally and serve as anchor in a sometimes cruel world. My dander gets up when I see someone abuse either the animal or the human and the support given by a sympathetic world.

Businesses like the Airlines have recently become flexible in allowing small “Emotional Support” animals on board their planes. Unfortunately some people have been trying to take advantage of that flexibility.

Last week I read about a woman in Newark who tried to board a flight to Los Angeles with her alleged Emotional Support Peacock – a full size, noisy as hell on a Saturday night, peacock. I didn’t buy it for a second. Neither did the airline. The whole thing was a publicity stunt.

The woman is a local Newark “artist” who was looking for exposure. The peacock has its own Instagram account and she likes to take the bird into New York City to parade about showing off her latest creations.

“Emotional Support Animal”

Right. She was just abusing a privilege meant for someone who needs it.

Peacocks are emotionally supportive as a Pot Roast. They are nasty, bad attitude critters that have a call that could wake the dead three states over and the “Artist” was trying to get onto the plane with the 4 ft. long bird, not in any cage, but loose.

I congratulate the Airline for telling the woman to hit the road along with the peacock she rode in on.

I’ve known people who legitimately had Emotional Support Animals. Both the animal and the human have to go through a training period so that they both can operate smoothly in the crowded and noisy world. I doubt that either the peacock or the woman had undergone any training other than how to see how rude and thoughtless they could be.

What a clownish stunt like that one with the peacock does is make things more difficult for those among us who really need accommodations in our daily lives. For some people it may be an Emotional Support Animal, for others those blue striped handicapped parking spots.

As far as that peacock is concerned – here is a You Tube link that will let you hear how loud a peacock can yell. Listen – then imagine being on a transcontinental flight with one in the next seat.

No thanks!


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