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Let’s All Go To The Lobby


SOME MORNINGS I SHOULD JUST ROLL OVER AND GO BACK TO SLEEP. Getting up too early can be traumatic, but it’s my own fault.

I have learned that in the wee hours of the morning the Classic Movie Channel shows things that stretch the veracity of the word “Classic” and defy everything except the technical definition of “Movie.” I watched a perfect an imperfect example of this a couple of weeks ago.

For some reason my eyes popped open at about 5 AM and by reflex I turned on the TV.

Big mistake.

On the Classic Movie Channel I have watched the greatest films ever made. On this morning I watched the worst. Why? Because, like Mt. Everest – it was there.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Classic Movie Channel in cooperation with My Inability to Sleep


“The Wonderful World of Tupperware”


I kid you not.


“The Wonderful World of Tupperware” is a short (30 God awful minutes long) industrial film focusing on the making of Tupperware. Tres exciting!

Unfortunately, the Tupperware Company also decided to include a lot of footage of the 1964 Annual Tupperware Convention where things went from where they were to someplace they never should have gone.

For some reason the brains behind this film insist that it was made in 1959. That is a claim that is hard to support seeing that the Company Bigwigs are shown giving away some brand new cars to their top salespeople. New cars – new 1965 Ford Mustangs. This implies that Tupperware goes beyond Burping and into the realm of Time Travel. Who knew?

While the tours of various Tupperware factories around the world was as thrilling as one might imagine the big thrills were saved for the entertainment portion of that 1964 National Convention. The Big Showbiz Talents booked to perform before the adoring throng were Johnny Desmond and… (Wait for it)… Anita Bryant!

I had to do a little research on Johnny Desmond. He was a popular Big Band singer who at the Tupperware Convention morphed himself into the worst possible cliché of the cheesy lounge singer. I cringed.

Anita Bryant, ever the Superstar, wowed the crowd with her swinging version of, “Blues In The Night” just chock full of Tupperware references. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore!

I know that I’ve taunted and teased you and that by now you’re all aquiver and wishing you had been there. Well, quiver no more because I have real treat for you.

At the end of today’s posting you will find links to the video of Anita Bryant’s solo performance AND the link so you can watch the entire thirty minutes of “The Wonderful World of Tupperware.”

All I can say is, “Wowie Zowie!”

So, brace yourself, fill your popcorn bowl, and grab a couple of ice cold Root Beer Fizzies and get ready for the show!

Curtain Going Up!


Watch and Listen to Anita SWING!

If you wish to watch the Entire Film you should have your head examined and then, before gouging out your eyes, go to

Don’t blame me if you try gnawing off your own leg to attempt a getaway.

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