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This site is a blog about what has been coasting through my consciousness lately. The things I post will be reflections that I see of the world around me. You may not agree with me or like what I say. In either case – you’ll get over it and I can live with it if it makes you unhappy. Please feel free to leave comments if you wish . All postings are: copyright 2014 – 2021

Here We Go Again


WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR. We made it. We have survived 2017 – a year filled with many good and wonderful things and a few that should make us all ashamed.

Now that we are alive and over the hump of the Holiday Season I hope that we are all determined to make this year one to remember with smiles and not cringes. That’s my hope anyway. I’m going to try to do my part.

When I see something ugly being done in the guise of something good I want to have the nerve to shine a light on it in the hope of having it scurry back into the shadows.

Of course, I do intend to squeeze as much enjoyment as possible from every day. I know that the egg timer of my life has me already poached and heading toward soft boiled.

When you find that the majority of things posted in your calendar are visits to one Doctor or another it can be a bit depressing. It is also a privilege that earlier generations didn’t have. Unless something truly radical happens chances are that I will not succumb to Smallpox, Influenza, or Yellow Fever. The odds are greater that I might shuffle off from someone trying to help me cross the street against my will or making me pop a vein while being forced to listen to an idiot tell me “The way things ought to be.”

I will continue to write despite some people’s opinions. It is because of those people that I keep at it. It is like that old cliché′ – “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.” I will decide who is who and if I do it with enough subtlety the reader will not feel beaten over the head with it all. I hate that feeling and I won’t pound others in the noggin with it. I won’t turn this blog into a platform for preaching. It will continue to play fast and loose with my funny bone. I will just get a little tougher in my face to face dealings with the scoundrels and fools. I am neither a Conservative nor a Progressive in political thought and it doesn’t matter to me what label anyone else cares to wear. It’s none of my business.

OK, that’s enough of that. Tomorrow morning I will be back on duty at my corner table down the street at St. Arbucks sipping my coffee and shaking my head as I look at the behavior of my fellow bipeds.

I hope you all had a wonderful and hope filled Holiday Season and that this new year brings peace and prosperity into your life. You deserve it. We all do. We all deserve a hot cup of coffee and a laugh or two. We all deserve and need to have friends who like to get together and talk about things that aren’t important, but make us smile. A smile in the morning is worth a handful of pills.

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