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Back To The Future


THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DON’T NEED RIGHT NOW. I may be wrong, but given the fact that I feel like crap right now, I think that I have a bit of a cold. My nose is running more than the Olympic track team, my head hurts, and my stomach is upset to the point of making me want to skip eating until further notice.

I’m hoping that I can shake this quickly because I have to be flying in a few days and I don’t think anyone on the airplane will want to see me galumphing down the aisle with a handkerchief pressed over my nose and mouth. I know that I wouldn’t want to see someone like me coming in my direction.

Oh, well.

For now it is me against the microbes. Every day I down a pile of meds and supplements and you would think that at least one of them would do something to protect me from the random germ that has grabbed control of my system. Nope. The pills are there to lower my blood pressure and the Baby Aspirin to thin my blood a touch. All of that to keep me alive so that I can be miserable and dripping like a rusty faucet.

Meanwhile, back at the brain, I am trying to focus enough to be creative and work on a long neglected story. I have been writing the occasional word or two on this particular opus for what must be close to twenty years. When I started working on it I had the complete story line worked out and the first twenty thousand words written. It was moving along nicely and then Life intervened and it all got put on the shelf to gather literary dust – a lot like me.

Digging up an old story

It wasn’t long ago while I was going through some old files trying to open up some disk space that I stopped and read the story again – as far as it went. I read it with fresh eyes after all those years and, y’know, it wasn’t half bad. I could see some things that would need immediate reworking, but on the whole, it was worth salvaging and going onto the active keyboard list.

So, that is what I’m going to do. Starting in a few weeks I am going to begin putting the story up on this blog as a “Work in Progress.” I will invite comments and suggestions as it progresses. I don’t have any long range plans for this story. It began as an exercise in style and that is what it remains.

My working title for this tale is, “Haight Street.” The physical setting is on that legendary street in San Francisco. It is set in the current time.

I lived on Haight Street for over fifteen years and saw it change in many ways while still clinging desperately onto vestiges of its storied past.

Hopefully this virus in my system will pass away soon and I can get back to work. When I am ill I think the quality of my writing suffers and becomes rather feverish. It just comes out weird. Some people like that. Others tolerate it. I just sneeze and reach for a Kleenex.

My Editor

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7 thoughts on “Back To The Future

  1. Get better soon. Those after Christmas colds are always yukky. And good luck with the story.


  2. This will work a little bit like when Dickens published his weekly installments in his Household Words, only that his followers couldn’t respond as quickly as we can. This thought brought me to the following link to Dickens online. I suppose you have better things to do than reading all of the Household-Words issues that are available online, but maybe a quick look may give some kind of inspiration, or perhaps just some comfort while you recover from your virus:

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  3. Feel better soon. 🙂


  4. Help is always appreciated.


  5. 1) Get well. 2) Is galumphing a real word? 3) I look forward to your Haight St. story.


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