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Throwback Thursday from Dec. 2015 – “I Go Out Wokking”


Throwback Thursday from Dec. 2015 – “I Go Out Wokking”

6a58f7ba-cc89-459a-a2a3-e2cb2c7a3cf0EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE I GET A CRAVING for Wonton soup, Pot Stickers or Sweet and Sour Something or Other. That is when I stage a full out assault on the “First Wok.”

First Wok is one of those small, family run Chinese Food To-Go shops that can be found in strip malls around the world.

First Wok may, or may not, be the first wok in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “My plastic fork is broken.”). They have some tables for those who want to eat there, but I’d wager that 90% of the customers get their General Tso’s Chicken To-Go in those little white paper cartons with the wire handles.

The quality of the food is uniformly, eh – uniform. I’ve had better, but I’ve certainly had worse. These small, 400 sq. ft. shops are infinitely better than the 4000 sq. ft. “Buffets” that seem to pop up, offer 175 piping hot vaguely Asian food items in hot trays, and then disappear as soon as the Board of Health Inspector notices that the rice is moving under its own power. There is one buffet here in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Don’t eat the sushi.”), that has changed its name three times in less than two years. Doing that must fool some people, but I just doubt that they are the same people who ate there before.

Another reason I like First Wok is that they are convenient as all heck. They are a couple doors down from The Dollar Store – my own personal Survivalist Supply Depot, and three doors down from Kroger’s. And to top it off, they are across the parking lot from St. Arbucks. I could easily survive Armageddon here – all without having to actually cross a street.

My only problem with First Wok (You knew there had to be one.) is that I never know how much things cost.

I was in there the other night – one order of Sweet and Sour Chicken – one order of Green Pepper Beef – both with white rice.

Above the counter is a photographic display of some of the big sellers. All Chinese Food shops have these pictures – the same identical pictures. They must come free with the first order of Fortune Cookies or Soy Sauce in those little packets. Each picture has a price on it. Then there are the menus, the size of bed sheets, piled up on the counter – 6000 items, all with prices noted.

So – I’m in the door at First Wok, ready with my order, and in line behind four other people with the same idea. I grab a menu. I look at the photo display. The prices are different than on the menu.

Sweet and Sour Chicken, Green Pepper Beef, both with white rice.

According to the photo display my order should come to $15.45. I look at the menu in my hand. According to that my outlay should be $14.35.

By this time I am at the front of the line. I give my order to the teeny-tiny little old Chinese lady at the register.

“That be 12 dollar, 95 cent.”

Either she is just making it up as she goes, or she is skimming a couple of bucks off each order to finance a trip to Vegas. I go for the skimming option because every time I go to Las Vegas it is overrun with legions of teeny-tiny little old Chinese ladies who look familiar.

When I get home and unpacked the brown paper bag teeming with hot, delicious Chinese delicacies – I discover that there is only one Fortune Cookie. Did she think I was going to eat all of this by myself? Or was it something more sinister – like she knew that I had dined at one of the 4000 sq. ft. Buffets and was hinting that I might not have any Fortune to Cookie with for very long?

Only one Fortune Cookie – but there was in the bag an Egg Roll I had never ordered.

It is all too Zen for me.ae5b6946-d834-4d03-a7e8-30abd268144f

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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday from Dec. 2015 – “I Go Out Wokking”

  1. Sounds like some experiences I’ve had at local take-out eateries. Well, not only local. Even some in the South, like Tennessee, Georgia and Florida where my Siblings live. Strange, though, all my relations down there swear by the service and reasonable prices, before we get to one. Then, complain more than me when we get back to their home.

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  2. I’m not one to frequent buffets or take-out eateries. Too scary!

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  3. Many of them are scary … very.


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