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We’re Goin’ To The HEB

WE CONTINUE TO BE DEEP IN THE…no, it’s not the heart. We’re down further than that. …Deep in the Pancreas of Texas. The weather is pleasantly warm once again and, Thank God, pretty much mosquito free.

We are staying in the old family home which is right across the street from the “Bonecrusher Arena” – the football field of Sinton High School. There was a game there last Friday night. The hometown boys lost 54 – 0. “Bonecrusher Arena,” indeed. At least they are showing improvement. The week before they lost 60 – 0.

Life in Small Town, Texas moves along at its own pace and with its own flavor. Sinton has about 5,000 residents and seven “24 Hour Bail Bonds” offices. I may be naïve, but that seems either excessive or alarming to me. They do light up the Main Drag with their flashing neon signs. It’s like Christmas all year long, following arraignment.

I don’t think there is any connection, but this small town has three donut shops, and let me tell you, there is nothing better than pastries coming out of a Mexican bakery. We are just wishing that the donut shops would expand into the Kolache side of the menu. True, kolaches are essentially an Eastern European pastry, but South Texas is a good place to find Czech kitchen goodies – sort of a “Czech – Mex” amalgamation. 5,000 people, seven places to finance your Bail, three very good donut shops, but not a Kolache in sight.

We went looking for some Kolaches this weekend. We were “In Search of the Wild Kolache.” We were given the name of a bakery in a nearby town that we were told makes the best kolaches this side of Prague. We saddled up the SUV and headed out.

I have one question: What kind of bakery is closed on Saturday and Sunday?

The Anwer? A ridiculously successful bakery that does enough business during the week that they can afford to take the weekend off. We are planning another foray for Monday.

We are down here in Texas visiting with Family prior to our return visit at Christmas and after our visit in October. We’re getting to know the airport in Houston really well, like it or not. With me it is not.

While there may be a Bail Bond office every thirty feet and a donut shop within easy reach of everyone who needs one, there is one small stretch that makes my heart jump for joy. Just across the street from one of the donut shops is a nice and shiny “Whataburger.” Whataburger is what most fast food chains wish they were. Where else can you get Hot Lemon Pie or Chicken Strips with one of seven different dipping sauce options including a delicious Hot (not spicy hot) Gravy? I like Whataburger. They are also open 24 hours a day – an accommodation to those folks who just made bail.  

Right next door to the Whataburger is the HEB Supermarket. The letters HEB refer to the initials of the founder of the chain some decades ago. It is a good store with aisles filled with lots of “I want thats” and “I need thats.” We were there yesterday.

Our shopping goal was simple. All we went there to buy was some Peppermint Tea. Nothing complicated. Of course, like all supermarkets, including the HEB, it is designed so that, whatever you are looking for, it is on the other side of the store. That design is so that you have to pass by every tasty and mouthwatering item on earth.

We went in there looking for some Peppermint Tea Bags. We walked out of there with three plastic bags full of stuff.


Just typical.

I need a donut.

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3 thoughts on “We’re Goin’ To The HEB

  1. The only thing I miss about living in Texas??? the HEB grocery.


  2. The only thing I miss about living in Texas??? Ah…Ah…Ah…

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  3. Our son lives in TX and therefore we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both HEB and Whataburger. HEB is exactly as described; you can get lost in there for days and emerge with a whole lot more than you went in for. Whataburger seems to taste best after midnight, and the other patrons that time of night are a curious lot.

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