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What Is That Up There?

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE SOMETHING NEW COMES ALONG that makes me sit up and take notice. It is not often mind you, but when that something shows up I will be the first on my block to applaud.

The latest thing that has grabbed my attention is one of those things that can be both amazing and annoying – DRONES – those flying gizmos that seem to be everywhere.

Drones are being used by everyone from the Military, to Sports teams, to every Techno-nerd in town. I don’t have a drone and I don’t want one. It is like tattoos – I can appreciate the skill it takes to make them, but I’m not going to get one just to follow the fad.

Recently I have been seeing drones used like an artist uses a brush and paint to take the most remarkable photographs. Creative, Thrilling, and Evocative. I have been impressed.

Most drone owners…what is the proper term for them? Droners? Dronistas? Geeks? They are hobbyists who get their drones from Amazon or elsewhere and fly their new toy over the neighborhood or local park scaring the squirrels and angering the real birds.

A few months ago I saw a fellow flying his new drone in the parking lot at the Kroger Supermarket. He also let it drift over the lot at St. Arbucks. He had it bouncing around at only ten feet above the ground coming too close to the parked cars.

I only saw him do this once. My guess is that he either got arrested for something or crashed his drone into somebody’s car and ended up getting his butt sued. I have no problem with either of those.

On the other hand I also know a chap who has years of experience with radio controlled aircraft. That fellow even builds his own planes. He now has a drone. I can’t see him flying it around in congested areas or making trouble for the wildlife.

If I had a drone I would, unfortunately, be a pain in the posterior with it. I would go to the park not far from home and let ‘er rip. Of course after about twenty minutes I would, without a doubt, crash the thing into pieces. That would be the end of it. And everyone nearby would cheer. I’m not good with mechanical things.

Some drone buyers have gotten their lawyers in a wringer by flying their toys at such a high altitude that they are interfering with real aircraft. Some idiots have been buzzing around airports. There have been collisions involving drones and commercial airplanes. What a bunch of doofi. Who in their right mind would fly a battery operated drone into the flight paths of passenger jets?

I don’t think I’m being overly Geezerish about this. Am I?

I do know that in the wake of the stupid stunts like some of these Dronistas have been pulling, that a raft of new laws and regulations are being enacted. That’s a shame. They are better things our legislators could be doing, but … so it goes.

I’m sure that responsible souls like my acquaintance who knows his way around these things would never endanger any person or property, but now he will have to toe the line brought about by some careless and thoughtless clowns.

I will now step down from my soapbox and return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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4 thoughts on “What Is That Up There?

  1. You make an excellent argument, John. I agree. It is really shameful that the almighty dollar has become such a huge pitfall in our society.
    Thank you for an excellent post, and I might add, you still managed to slip a bit of humor in today. ☺☺☺

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  2. Oh….picky-picky-picky. Drones are a lot of fun. Of course you’re correct, they have to be used senseably.

    This blog reminds me of an old joke: “A crowd was walking along the beach, myself and a friend included. My friend yelled, ‘Look at that dead bird’. Everyone within earshot look up at the sky.”

    🙂 🙂


  3. Well said, John. Excellent point, with your humor thrown in. Thank you!

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