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Bagels And Lisinopril

AS I FIND IT NECESSARY to do every so often I had to arrange for refills on my 8, 237 different meds that I take to control my Blood Pressure, my Spontaneous Human Combustion, and to keep my eyes from migrating so that they are both on the same side of my face (like a flounder). I don’t really care about the second and third conditions, but the BP thing is kind of important.

Let’s all repeat: “Blood Pressure is good.”

Since I am usually popping into the Kroger store several times a week for vital supplies such as Bagels, Cream Cheese, and Dr. Pepper I like to stop by the in-house pharmacy to take care of the meds.

The staff at the pharmacy is quite efficient, accurate, and pleasant except for the Head Pharmacist who is inefficient, inaccurate, and as pleasant as three legged wharf rat. If she tries to wait on me I just ask her for the correct time then come back later while she is out pulling the wings off of flies for her lunch.

I have been using the Kroger pharmacy for at least ten years and, despite the minor pothole of the boss, I am a satisfied customer. Every time I stop by they ask me for my birthday. That must be the password into my account. It must be that because I’ve never gotten a gift from them on my birthday.

Last week when I noticed that I was getting low on meds I asked the pharmacy staff to start the refill process. I try to give them a week or two lead time because some of the junk that I take is not always handy on the shelf.

This time the very pleasant pharmacy clerk asked me if I would like a one month or a three month supply. I’d never thought about it before. It didn’t take me long to decide.

“Let’s go with the three month thing. I might be doing some traveling again soon and that might be quite convenient. Don’t you agree?”

I realize that a simple “Three months,” would have been enough, but I find it hard to be that terse. I’m the kind of guy who, if you ask me for the time, I tell you how to build a clock.

– Cut to the chase, John –

Yesterday I got the Robo-Call from the pharmacy telling me that my meds were ready for pick-up. It should have also told me to bring a pick-up truck.

Usually my meds are in those lovely orange plastic bottles – the kind that open up in my carry-on bag while traveling. Not this time. No orange plastic for me. Instead they gave me my meds in the large shipping containers that the pills come in from the manufacturer. My three month supply filled up one of those plastic Kroger plastic carrier bags. It looked like I was walking out with a Christmas ham and a six pack of Faygo Red Pop.

The higher than expected weight of the bag was offset by the sudden emptiness in my wallet. I may have three months worth of pills, but I may have to start following the squirrels around the back yard to dig up some acorns. Even with the Medicare and other insurances my Co-pay for the meds still came to more than the GDP of both Koreas.

I think, in an effort to more efficiently budget my money, I will try to see if, in the future, I can get my meds delivered one day at a time. It’s either that or learn to appreciate the culinary splendor of grass.

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5 thoughts on “Bagels And Lisinopril

  1. You are just too funny! You made me almost happy that I have to take BP pills. Of course, I cut mine in half so they last longer but we won´t go there.


  2. Hmmm…..strange. My co-pays are the same for my meds whether I get 30-90-180 count, each prescription. I go to JR and Walgreen. With my insurance I don’t pay anything for Generic until I reach a certain $ level. Then, it’s $3.30 for each. I considered Kroger, but upon some research I decided on others. Like Darlene, I also cut a couple of them in half. Thanks for sharing, John.


  3. My laughing began at ‘spontaneous human combustion’ and never stopped. It is difficult to read through a flow of tears. Thanks, John!

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