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There Are Questions That I Cannot Answer

ONE OF MY MORNING RITUALS, AFTER SAYING “THANK YOU,” putting on my socks, etc. is to check my email. Most mornings I get about 20 new messages from around the globe. Some are trying to sell me something, some are unleashing thunderbolts of wisdom that have been common knowledge since the 14th century, and some are asking me questions. Some of the questions are philosophical, some are more “religious,” and the rest are in reference to the blog and are your basic “What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are you talking about?”

I try to respond and answer all of the questions. I make sure to not put a lot of thought into my answers. For those Philosophical questions my answer is usually, “Figure it out for yourself, Bucko.” The questions about religion I tell them “Let me consult with my divine cocker spaniel ‘Rusty’ and I’ll get back to you.”

When it comes to queries about the blog I try to match my answer to the questioner’s intelligence, wit, and sobriety. That way they are happy with whatever drivel I give in reply.

During the course of the day I will get several more batches of questions that pretty much match the initial fusillade. I think it has to do with the rotation of the earth and time zones. I believe that people send off their questions as soon as they get out of bed – before coffee. They type away and Logic, Sanity, and Common Sense and “Spell-check” do nothing to help. I swear there are some questions that get sent to me that must be going out before Medications are distributed.

I’m not going to show you any of the questions. I don’t want to embarrass anyone and I certainly don’t want to make anyone angry. Terre Haute (That’s French for “Pass the Thorazine, please.”) is not that big of a town. Hiding places are at a premium.

There is the suggestion that I could just Block a lot of these questioners, but where would the fun be in that? Besides, in some strange and helpful way, I may be doing some good.

I don’t really mind getting all of these questions, after all am I not asking them to read my blog? Turnabout is Fair Play, I suppose.

I think I’ll put that question out there for the world to answer.

Of course with my luck all of the replies will come into my mailbox and I’ll have to spend more of my day dealing with them. I’ve got better things to do (Lunch, Snacks, Blogging).

Upon further reflection it seems that I am on the verge of painting myself into a digital corner. If I’m not careful I might end up meeting myself coming and going.

Hanging out in Cyberspace can be both interesting, confusing, and time consuming. The thing is that… I spend my day like that even when the computer is turned off. Whether I’m online or not makes no difference. Part of my day is interesting, part of it is definitely confusing, and, by its very nature, the whole shebang is time consuming.

Am I the only Geezer out there who feels that way?

Consider that another question open for discussion. I anxiously await your replies, but wait until you’ve had your coffee before you reply.

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  1. Yes? 🙂


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