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I Don’t Want To Know The Score

“O, HAIL THE MIGHTY SYCAMORES!” At home along the banks of the Wabash. There, that sounds majestic enough. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though when you’re talking about a football team.

The Indiana State University football team goes by the fearsome name of “The Fighting Sycamores.” Doesn’t that just put a tremor loose in your heart? No. Me neither.

Their football stadium is about a minute away from our front door. We can hear the bands at halftime and the oohing and ahhhing of the crowds. When the Fighting Sycamores score a touchdown they fire off a cannon in sheer delight. We haven’t heard the cannon much lately.

This has not been a good year for ISU football. They played the fifth game of this season last Saturday. It was not pretty. Not at all.

They were up against the “Mighty Whatevers” of North Dakota State University. I think they might be called the “Wood Chippers’ or something in light of their treatment of the Sycamores. They took the Sycamores out back and mulched them 52 – 0. The stadium was quiet. If it hadn’t been for all the cars parked there I would have thought it was an Away game.

The first four games of the season didn’t go much better.

In Game One they, at least, put in an appearance. Against Eastern Illinois University – “The Fighting Manila Envelopes” or something. ISU came in second best 22 – 20. It was respectable.

For Game Two the wizards of scheduling pitted the Sycamores against the University of Tennessee – one of the truly major football schools in the country. 42 – 7. It would have been worse, but I heard a rumor that Tennessee went out for pizza mid way through the third quarter and didn’t return. It was all made less dignified by the fact that the game was broadcast on ESPN. I don’t think that the video will serve as a good recruiting tool for next year.

Game Three was a contest against Liberty University. Me neither. I never heard of them. I think they are a correspondence school. Liberty 42, ISU 41. We might have won if we had used correct postage.

Game Four had ISU knocking heads against another powerhouse – Illinois State University. Their campus is located in Normal, Illinois – as opposed to Abnormal, Illinois which is in a wing of the Federal Prison right here in Terre Haute (That’s French for “Good morning, Governor.”).

The Fighting Sycamores made a game of it, not football unfortunately, and they lost 24 – 13.

That is how the season has been going. Not so much “Up and Down” as “Down” and staying there.

The season is not over yet in some sense, they still have games to play. After taking the mugging from the North Dakota State “Wood Chippers” the next game is against South Dakota. It seems that the Sycamores are working their way through the Black Hills. I fear that they will end up as and in Deadwood.

My only hope is that as they march through their schedule they will hold their boughs high and don’t hurt themselves. Public humiliation is likely, but I don’t think that there is much that can be done about that.

Go Sycamores!

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One thought on “I Don’t Want To Know The Score

  1. The Jackrabbits visit Colorado Springs every now and then, to be humbled by the Air Force Falcons. There must be a nice paycheck waiting for them at the end of the four quarters. I get a kick out of their nickname, as I do a handful of others (ex. U.C. Irvine’s “Anteaters”). Refreshing to know these mascots will never get caught up in the political fray (ex. Washington Redskins), even if their respective teams never seem to fare well on the gridiron. Ay, Go Sycamores!

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