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It’s Only Natural

HURRICANES IN TEXAS AND FLORIDA. Earthquakes in Mexico and even in our Midwest. Typhoons in the Pacific. The Earth is busy.

This is just the perfect set of circumstances that spawn the rise of wild-eyed cults. The fact that September was National Mushroom Month didn’t help. Experience has shown that when things get weird, the weird get weirder.

It’s kind of like how in really hot weather there are some people who seem to come out of the woodwork and go seriously strange. And don’t even ask about the effects of a Full Moon.

The Human species (that’s us) is subject to an array of outside influences that push and pull us in all directions. The ebb and flow of the tides and the rising and setting of the sun drag us into a life of cyclical behaviors. The changing of the seasons and fluctuations in the climate have moved us around the planet. One good volcanic eruption can alter human lives for years.

We are minor players in the life cycles of the planet. It affects us way more than we can ever affect it. Thinking otherwise is an arrogance that is almost embarrassing.

While there are so many things going on that affect human behavior in big ways there are also innumerable small things that nudge us one way or the other every day.

All of us proclaim that we value our freedom and independence yet whenever we set up housekeeping alone in the middle of the wilderness or as part of a town or city, the first thing we do is set up “The Rules.” No matter how iconoclastic we may consider ourselves we feel lost without a life structure. “This is mine. That is yours. No Parking. No cans or bottles allowed. Curb your dog.”

We seem to crave rules and laws, but when Mother Nature throws in a monkey wrench we get all upset. We can go about our way trying to regulate everything, but one hurricane or earthquake and all bets are off. The latest score: World 1 – People 0.

The Full Moon was just a few days ago. Just ask any Nurse, Doctor, or Law Enforcement Officer about how things are around the Full Moon. Go get yourself a cup of coffee and a cookie because it will take a while for them to tell you all of their stories. It is “All hands on deck,” on Psych wards when the Moon is Full. The Full Moon brings out the crazy, violent, and strange in the human animal.

Are people going to change? Nah, not a chance. No matter how or what we think about ourselves as free and powerful creatures we are not completely in charge.

I once read a theory that all of those tests that scientists conduct on mice, where they have the mice run through a maze to get a piece of cheese, are actually being run by the mice to observe the reactions of the humans.

Hmmm…could be, I suppose

After all of this the only thing I can offer in the way of advice is

Keep on Truckin’.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Only Natural

  1. Keep on truckin’ works for me.


  2. Every teacher knows when it’s a full moon. Not a good thing…


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