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I Am Not Scrooge

WE ARE INTO OCTOBER NOW and in my mind that signals a major shift in my world. Leaves are falling along with temperatures and everyone seems to be already gearing up for “The Holidays.” I’m sorry that I can’t whip into my Happy Dance along with you.

“The Holidays” are structured around two groups – children under fifteen and people with more disposable income than me. I left the first group a long time ago and I’ve never had a secure foothold in the second.

Don’t get me wrong – I am perfectly capable of enjoying myself and being a font of good cheer with those around me. It’s just that I don’t get into the mouth-frothing frenzy of so many of the people I see around me.

I really don’t care which toy is the “Must have” gift for Christmas. Those ads are already being aired on our local TV stations. I don’t relish the idea that I must, not may, mind you, but must be cheerful and Kris Kringle-ish towards everyone. I think that I maintain a fairly decent level of civility year round. I see no need to turn on a false air of glee and cheerfulness just because it’s “The Holidays.”

– Time Lapse –

After a short break to refill my coffee cup and get a nosh I sat and read what is up above. It really sounds rather Ebenezer Scrooge-ish, doesn’t it? I’m not saying that any of it is untrue or spiteful – just a touch downbeat for so early in the season. A little self analysis might be in order.

What is it about “The Holidays” that makes me feel this way?

Upon further musing I think that it is during this time of year that I physically feel like a hockey puck. Everyone wants me to do this that and the other twelve things, and much of it is for people I don’t even know. It is an adult version of the Peer Pressure felt by kids growing up. Now, as adults, the Pressure comes from the larger society squeezing us to do this, buy that, believe this other thing, and do it all with a Holiday appropriate Scotch Taped smile on our puss.


I prefer to do things my way and at my pace. To do otherwise builds up a resentment in me from that Pressure. And that is why I appear to be grumpy and not all that into “The Holidays.”

So, all I ask of you, for the next few months, is to bear with me. I will continue to look at the world – tinseled though it may be – with my same astigmatic and nascent cataractic eyes. As we get closer to the actual holidays my mood will improve. It is just too much too soon for me now. Check back with me after Thanksgiving and I’m sure I will be more apt to “Ho, Ho, Ho” for you. I’ll even deck the halls. I’m really not Scrooge.

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4 thoughts on “I Am Not Scrooge

  1. Ron W. on said:

    I don’t know, Eb, todays blog sure sounds familiar. 🙂


  2. Here in Spain, there is not the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas there was in North America. It is still considered an important religious holiday but without all the commercialism. I must say I don’t miss all the fuss.

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  3. A hockey puck- great analogy, John. You are not alone


  4. I’m with you on everything, Ebenezer. That’s why thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Just sit down, relax, maybe watch some football and eat. No pressure about gift giving or having to go to see some play. I’ve seen the Christmas Carol so often that I think I could play Scrooge. Love this postAnd if I said, “Bah, humbug!”, I think you would take that as a complement.


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