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It’s Better Than A Gooey Tongue

THE OTHER DAY SOMEONE SUGGESTED that I needed a hobby. A Hobby? Like Stamp Collecting or Pickle Ball? I’ve had people tell me that I am their hobby. I’m not sure, but I think they meant that as a compliment. I suppose it could have been a diagnosis.

If I was to get a hobby of some sort I would want it to be something a little different, nothing mundane or unworthy of blogging about. It must have blogiosity.

I’ve spent most of yesterday and today doing some research into some things that I might consider taking up as a hobby. Here are a few of the things I have moved over to my “short list.”

“You too can be shot out of a cannon!”

And I have found just the place to learn how to do it. All I need to do is sign up at Bello Nock’s daredevil school in Sarasota, Florida. He has his very own cannon and can teach me how to fly 150 ft. through the air and, hopefully into a net. Beats the heck out of playing Parcheesi. This has definite possibilities.


There are plenty of things you can do with a nice sharp blade. You can cut firewood. You can slice tomatoes for a salad, or you can stick it down your throat.

Sword Swallowing is a profession that goes back thousands of years. I would imagine that most people did it for the first time involuntarily, but if they continued to play with it they had to learn to control their gag reflex. I’ve had a lot of practice with that, having worked in a number of comedy venues over the years.

 If I decide to take up sword swallowing as my new hobby it could get expensive, like golf, only with the possibility of slicing up a lung or two. I have learned all about sword swallowing from a publication called “The Cutting Edge” – an unfortunate choice of words considering the topic.


I’ve always liked flying. I’ve flown in big planes, small planes, and even in gliders, but I have always flown inside the airplane. To make it into a really nifty hobby I have been conversing with the people at the “Mason Wing Walking Academy” in Washington State. If one wants to learn how to become a Wing Walker these are the folks to know. They claim to have trainer over 90% of all living Wing Walkers. I do admit that that modifier “living” in there makes me a little nervous, but sometimes you gotta stick it out there and take a chance.


The problem with some of these possible hobbies is that you need a lot of space or expensive equipment to get involved. I need something that is simpler, less complicated – like Fire Eating!

I have found a video course in Fire Eating for only $18.00 (marked down from $34.95) that promises to teach me everything I’ll need to know. One reviewer said that the video “How To Eat Fire,” was, “The best thing I bought.” I don’t know what else was on his shopping list that day, but the Fire Eating video sure made a good impression on him.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the things I’m contemplating taking on as a hobby. I collected stamps when I was a kid. Even then I thought it was dull. It was dull and it made my tongue all gooey. I don’t think I’ll have that problem if I take up Fire Eating. I’ll let you know.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Better Than A Gooey Tongue

  1. Have you ever thought of just doing what many retirees do, sit in a bench and watch the pretty girls go by? Wait a minute, you’re not in Miami or LA. Let me think…


  2. I don’t often pull rank, but I believe our pre-nup said something about global veto power. So, m’dear, I veto all of the above. Just sayin’.

    I’ll have to think about the bench sitting-girl watching option.

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  3. There are pretty girls in Terre Haute. That’s French for “show me your ID so I know how old you are.”

    Liked by 1 person

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