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Look! Up In The Sky!

Sunday afternoon, 8/27, about 4:40 PM:

Blue Sky! I saw a patch of blue sky. It was about the size of a kindergarten classroom chair, but it was there for a few fleeting moments. It’s a good sign. Not as good as a dove with an olive branch I admit, but it’s still pretty good. I saw that bit of blue through the raindrops.

I saw this when we were on our way back after taking part in a frenzied shopping trip to the only big supermarket that is open between here and France. France – The one in Europe.

The market was wall to wall people, all looking for something they can eat and drink. The town where that market is located still has no power. The store had its own generators going from the get-go to keep everything edible. There were police officers at every door just to keep some semblance of order. If I wasn’t so tired and in need of a shower I might have given in to my urge to stand at the front door and yell, “Soylent Green! It’s people! Soylent Green is made from people!” Only folks over 40 would know what I was talking about, but even they wouldn’t care under the circumstances. It was marked down 40%.

We have both electricity and water pressure back at the house in Sinton, but the water is still not fit for anything without boiling first. There is no word yet on when that “Boil Order” will be lifted. I’m OK with that. I don’t want to drink cooties.

We arrived here in South Texas on the 23rd. The hurricane hit on the 25th. Today as I write this is the 27th. There is a very strong likelihood that we will be here until Labor Day. The funeral has been rescheduled for September 3rd. I’m going to be really tired of wearing the same four shirts by then.

It’s a good thing we don’t have any pets back in Terre Haute (That’s French for “Our water don’t have cooties.”) I’ve left cats on their own for three days, but I’d never push it further than that. Even doing it for three days was costly. Sofas are not cheap.

I have seen tons of trucks from a variety of power companies working around the clock to get power back on. They are my heroes. The eye of this storm went right over Rockport, Texas. That is about 30 miles from Sinton. Rockport is in pieces. They have cancelled school for the next two weeks.

I’m tired of this whole hurricane business and I’m guessing you are too. I will try to wrap it all up so I can get back to my usual nonsense. This hurricane was my first and I am determined that it will be my only hurricane – unless it comes in a big glass with a paper umbrella sticking out of it.

That’s it. I’m done.

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2 thoughts on “Look! Up In The Sky!

  1. 4 shirts? You pack 4 shirts? I don’t think I’ve worn 4 shirts since I retired. What a bum…me, not you. 4 shirts? Does that include a hoodie?

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  2. Well said, John.


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