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Saturday morning – 8/26/17:

The wind and rain continues without let-up. Our cell phones are still connecting. Dawn’s brother who lives a couple of blocks away has measured 4.5 inches of rain. The storm continues to move onto land, but slowly. The folks at the other end of this county are getting hit the worst and they are very close to sea level.

What reports we can get are putting the winds peaking at about 132 mph. A nursing home directly in the path of the storm has collapsed. We learned later that one person died there.

After a few hours things are calming down here. Wind at 30 – 50 mph. Rain letting up. We have not had any serious damage here. There are a lot of tree limbs in the yard.

We drove around the neighborhood, along with everybody else it seems. There are some homes with damage and many fences flattened. We saw one dead dog in the middle of the street. It was being guarded by another, much smaller dog.

We still are without power and now the water is out too. The city has issued a Boil Order until further notice.

Surprisingly some spots around town still have power. Go figure. We saw people lined up at a gas station that had power. With power their pumps could function.

Saturday 10:10 PM:

POWER has returned. We have lights, but still no water pressure. I would love to take a shower, but that is a dream for the future.

Even though we have power there is no TV because the Cable Company is still out. We learned that our cable feed comes from  Rockport, about 30 miles away. Rockport has been destroyed. At least we can keep our phones charged.

We are sleeping back in the upstairs bedrooms tonight. I will dream of blue skies.

Sunday morning:

I woke up about 7:30. It is not raining for the first time in a couple of days. I opened up a few bottles of water and made a pot of tea. I may have some toast, even if it is crustless.

We are still feeling isolated from the rest of the world. We know that Houston is getting flooded now as the storm crawls up the coast. It is no longer a hurricane but it is dumping half of the Gulf of Mexico on Houston.

Our plans have/had us flying out on Tuesday. We shall see. Nothing is flying in or out of here yet. I would not be surprised if our return home is delayed. Lord knows when the funeral that brought us here will take place. I don’t think that we will be here for that.

I can now scratch this hurricane off of my Negative Bucket List – Things I never want to do. It is on that list right after being gored by a bull and just before hearing bull from Al Gore.

Update : It is Tuesday the 29th and our cable is still out and we are still boiling our water. 

This sucks. 

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7 thoughts on “Hurricane!

  1. John, Did you make it home? So sad for you all wishing to put a loved one to rest.


  2. What a nightmare, John. The isolation must have been as scary as the lack of electricity. Did you make it home safely? So sad about the funeral. My best to you!


  3. John, what an experience. ‘I feel your pain’ and other BS. Speaking of which, lived the Al G reference. What is your status now. Did it go from bad to worse where you were. What a tragedy for peeps in that area and the tremendous economic hit all are taking. Best wishes for safe travel home.


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