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Questions And Answers Beyond Me

I WAS UP EARLY THE OTHER DAY – a good half hour earlier than usual. So I went for my morning coffee. I now know why I was awakened so early. There was a reason. I was to be told a remarkable story.

It was barely 6:10 AM when I walked through the door at St. Arbucks and I was greeted by a friend I hadn’t seen in months. He had just popped in for a coffee and five minutes later we would have missed each other. I’m glad that we didn’t.

Terry is a retired career Navy man who moved back to the Midwest after 20 years of service. We sat down and he brought me up to date on his life.

He told me that he and his wife had taken a short vacation down to Daytona. They were there less than 48 hours when they got a phone call from their daughter in-law. Her husband, their son, had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. He had been riding in the rain, skidded, hit the median barrier and was thrown fifty feet to the roadway, landing on his head. He was wearing a helmet, but…

Terry’s son was not breathing. Others on the scene stopped to help. One man started CPR and wouldn’t stop until the Paramedics arrived.

At the hospital Terry’s son was in a coma and put on life support. The prognosis was not good.

Terry and his wife were desperately trying to get a flight out of Florida, but conditions delayed them. It was the next day when they finally saw their son in Intensive Care with his head shaved and with drainage tubes coming from his skull.

Despite this horrific crash and hitting the pavement head first this young man was awake and out of the hospital within a week, but with still a tube sticking out of his head. In another few days he was back at work.

 That alone is a truly remarkable story of Luck and Survival, but then Terry told me about his conversation with his son about the accident.

Call it a Near Death Experience or a Vision, or a Hallucination, but Terry’s son related a most amazing story.

As many people say when they are in perilous accidents, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Terry’s son saw the accident unfold in front of him. As he saw himself crashing to the road he felt himself being lifted. He said that there was a man, shorter than his 6’2”, with his arms around him, holding him. He said that this stranger looked him in the eye and spoke to him.

“It’s not your time yet, son.”

With that the man disappeared and when Terry’s son woke up he was in the hospital’s ICU Unit several days later – alive and surprisingly well.

What Terry’s son did or did not experience in the split seconds before he hit the pavement I cannot speak to, but he swears that what he saw and heard is true. Who am I to doubt him?

I have spoken to several people over the years who have had similar experiences, visions, whatever, during those moments when life seemed to be slipping away. They have all sworn that what happened to them was real, just like Terry’s son.

I don’t have the answers to any of the obvious questions. In fact, I could probably add a few more questions to the list.

As of today I hear that Terry’s son is recovering and going through intensive Physical Therapy to get back full use of his injured limbs. It will take time, but his prognosis is now pointing to complete recovery.

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5 thoughts on “Questions And Answers Beyond Me

  1. We just need to believe. Terry’s story is one of many.

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  2. Sometimes, there isn’t an explanation, but it happened. Is that the meaning of ‘faith’?

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  3. Faith is real, bless those that can verify it. Terry is now one of those people.

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  4. This is a great revelation especially for you more than it is for the son of your friend.

    When our God-consciousness is unravelling we tend to encounter many signs that if utilized properly they point us to a higher truth that if heeded opens the door to own Awakening.
    Death never occurs if one has not accomplished their purpose in life journey. Can expound further later.


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