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A Basket Of Brisket

WELL, HERE WE GO – OFF TO TEXAS! Surprisingly our flights were uneventful – which is what you want. Eventful airplane flights make the news and that is never a good thing. Things even went smoothly in our dealings with the TSA aerobic organisms. I think they were having an “On-The Job Slumber Party. They were just waving people through without even looking at them. I bet I could have walked through there toting a Howitzer and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. It always makes me feel so safe.

Once we got to our ultimate destination (Corpus Christi) we did what any sensible person would do – we stopped for lunch at Whataburger. It’s a tradition that goes back to the days of the Alamo and Davy Crockett I think. A Family thing, you know.

When we left Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Get me a cold drink, Henri.”) it was about 91° and muggy. We were glad to get out of there. The airports are nicely air conditioned and when we arrived in Texas it was only 97° and, oh, yeah, Muggy. Not everything goes according to plan.

This trip to Texas is not a vacation; it is a Family visit – a whole different thing. A “Vacation” is; Time at the beach, Cold drinks with little umbrellas in them, and currency exchange rates. A “Family visit” is just that – Visiting with every relative within reach, Cold drinks in red plastic cups, and melting the edges of some credit cards. I never mix up the two.

One of the high points of these visits is just staying with Dawn’s mother. She is now 96 and moves at a slower pace. Being with her can be so relaxing. No matter what you have planned you have to adjust it all to the daily pace of a 96 year old. It can be restful and I’m sure it is good for the BP.

My plans for this week include some serious sleeping in. None of this 6 AM business. I’m willing to try out 10 AM. I’ll be open minded about it.

Within the next day or two the Family herd will hit town. Four generations will amass for this annual get together. The young ones will go to VBS – Vacation Bible School, which will free up the adults for some marathon “visiting.”

Davy Crockett

We have also come down to throw some serious hugs on “Jane” who is coming home after surgery in Houston. Prayers have been answered and it looks like she will continue to bless us.

We will be here for a week and then head back north to the land of Hoosiers and Hot Wings.

Between now and then there will be some serious, world-class eating once the whole crew arrives. You have never seen more scurrying people than when you see us all walk into a Chili’s restaurant and tell the greeter, “Table for 19, please.” When we come through the door together we can melt any Blizzard at Dairy Queen. This mob can eat. Four generations of hungry Texans. Me? I’m a Texan-in-Law – an honorary title, but I can eat with the best of them.

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One thought on “A Basket Of Brisket

  1. Sounds perfect to me, minus the heat. Nice post, John!


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