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A Territorial Dispute

LIKE MOST PEOPLE I AM A CREATURE OF HABIT. I tend to want to do today what I did yesterday and I don’t like anybody to mess with that – and by extension – me. His morning I was faced with such a situation

Just about every day I start my conscious activities down the street at St. Arbucks. I get my coffee, as usual, and then I stumble to my table in the corner, as usual. Sip coffee. Take meds. Plug in phone. Write. That’s it – nothing fancy, but critical nonetheless.

Today everything was moving along swimmingly until I turned the corner and prepared myself to hunker down in the corner.


I hit the brakes and executed a sharp left turn trying to make my action appear nonchalant. I stopped to pick up a few more napkins, all the while eyeing the interlopers. There were two of them – College Students. What kind of College Students are up at this time of day? Shouldn’t they be somewhere sleeping one off? What are they doing here – Studying? They both had their computers on and open textbooks. It looked suspicious to me.

Because my usual spot was not available I was forced to seek another shelter from the storm of sensory input. In MY corner I am safe and secure to work without intrusion, but now I must try to write in the maelstrom of Starbucks at 7 AM.

In the opposite corner there was a small group of early morning regulars. No matter what time I show up they are already sitting there. I think they sleep over. They could be a Senior Citizen group of night watchmen.

When they saw my dilemma they spoke up.

“John, why don’t you come over here and join us.”

Not my idea of an ideal solution, but what’s a man to do? Armed intervention was not feasible, nor was throwing a tantrum at my table until the usurpers would get up and run for the door. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. So, I pulled up a chair and joined the Geezers in the corner.

Talk about a good way to not get anything done. The minute I sat down they started asking questions about things that could only be called trivia. I tried to ignore them. I even took out my notebook and pen and tried to write something, anything, to avoid being sucked into their conversation. It was barely 7 AM. I don’t want to try to recall the name of the captain of the USS Pueblo (Look it up. I’m not going to rehash it here.).

You see what I was faced with? One simple diversion from my routine and I was tossed into a Societal and Intellectual Salad Spinner. I am like an electric train, a Lionel – the kind you set up under the Christmas tree. As long as nothing gets in my way I can just keep going around and around, minding my own business. BUT…if someone puts something in my way or lets the cat sleep on the tracks I get derailed and the cat gets hissy.

I don’t know what kind of solution I can initiate to prevent this from happening again – short of buying my very own Starbucks and roping off the corner table. I do find that idea attractive, but quite beyond the power of my wallet to pony up the cash.

So, here I sit, brokenhearted. I came to write, but soon departed.

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2 thoughts on “A Territorial Dispute

  1. Hilbob on said:

    You could next time try the technique used in my old church of long ago. You just stand to the side of “your pew” and glare at the poor innocents until they get the message.

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  2. First, I would tell ‘Hilbob’ to take a hike 😉. But we are creatures of habit. In Barre class, intake the same spot (I’d rather be behind the ladies looking at their behinds instead of vice versa. But sometimes it’s good to take a leap of faith and try something different.


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