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Adventures In Tire Land

TRAVEL IS ADVENTURE! OK, I’M COOL WITH THAT – UP TO A POINT. Once that point is reached it ceases to be adventure and becomes a serious pain in the Gluteus Maximus.

Tuesday and Wednesday were travel, and I guess, a bit of high adventure. But on Friday and Saturday it all became a pain in my Levi’s.

Friday Morning: I came out to the Toyota to transport my wife, the lovely and officially present, Dawn, and friends Carol and Martin, to a meeting where I was blissfully not needed. En route a sensor light came on telling me that I had a tire in need of air. We took a short detour to a nearby gas station and, for a buck we got the offending tire nice and plump again.

Come Saturday morning I took a peek at the car and I could see the tire in question was looking flabby again. It was time to have the tire repaired or replaced.

Note: On Saturdays in Demorest,Georgia and environs, Greater Demorest if you will, there ain’t squat open that does any work like I needed done. It’s either Law or Religion.

I stopped at an “AutoZone” store hoping that they might know some heretic who might be open. Their only Possibly, Maybe, Might Be Open place was a Wal-Mart 30 miles away. Those boys were not helpful.

Sunday: The tire was not healing itself and people were noticing it parked in a gimp spot outside our dormitory.

Note: There are fewer places open on Sunday than on Saturday around here.

One of the College Residential Associates – a young student named Mike, who looked to be about 12 years old, came by. I asked him if he thought that one of the Hyper-Large College Security guys might come by and change the flabby tire for me. I had a brand new “Donut tire” in the trunk.

Another Note: I don’t do stuff like change tires – that is why God invented the Auto Club, and Hyper-Large young men.

Young Mike chirped to me that he would be glad to do that job himself – if I could wait until 3:30 when his work as the Residential Associate would be done for the day. Well, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

At a little past 3:30 Young Mike showed up in his Pick-up Truck and he changed that tire. By the time he was done he was filthy from being on the ground and wresting with a tire that didn’t want to be changed. He looked like he had aged years – up to maybe 14.

I tried to reward him monetarily for his efforts, but with a smile, he declined saying that it was against policy to accept money for helping anyone. Since I didn’t have a pizza on me we just shook hands and he went on his way.

Monday: Objective: to get this tire fixed or replaced.

Young Mike had told me of a place right on the edge of the campus that could fix my tire. I went there. They were not open. As I stood outside their door scratching my head a woman, who was sitting on her porch next door to the alleged tire repair place, having a smoke and a cup of coffee, called out to me. She said that the garage was not open and that she had never seen them open.

“The boys that own that shop are always off workin’ on their little race car. I don’t know where they are getting’ their money.”

Not wishing to pursue that question I asked her if she knew anyplace I might get my tire fixed. She did. It was a place about 10 minutes away and a stone’s throw from that AutoZone store I had visited a few days before.

Off I went and, Hallelujah and “Cap’ns Auto Parts” be praised. I was able to get my tire repaired. I don’t know if the elderly man I talked to there is, or ever was, an actual “Cap’n”, but he is certainly worthy of my salute.

I lift my coffee to honor both “Young Mike” and the “Cap’n.” Here’s to you both. Long may you wave.

I was happy again!

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  1. I hate cars but I love my Soul…😜

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