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We’re Having Such Funnel

WE HAVE ARRIVED. We are now in the Megalopolis of Demorest, Georgia. It is a town that is bigger than a breadbox, but smaller than Tokyo.

Our accommodations are in the dorms of Piedmont College and I’ll tell you – these dorms are nicer than some apartments I’ve had. The furnishings are a bit “IKEA,” but better than stuff rescued from a curbside or dumpster that I have had in my younger days. This dorm has a recreation room with a big screen TV and a Pool Table/Ping Pong Table. There are laundry facilities that are FREE! And each dorm room has a private bath. None of this trotting down the hall to take a shower business. And, may I add, a very nice kitchen. If it had a stove I would consider moving in.

The town around the campus reminds me of a swollen version of something we used to have set up around our electric train layout when I was a kid – a bit plastic looking and showing the wear and tear of the cats chewing on the buildings. I hope that better days are ahead for the town.

On our first full night we did a little shopping. It was made a bit difficult because of two facts:

1) This is a “Dry” county, if you get my drift, so we had to find our way to the next county over to obtain certain adult beverages.

2) There were several tornado warnings being broadcast. At one point Campus Security came and insisted that we all move to one central campus building as a safe shelter. I think this was so, in case of a tornado it would get us all at one time and help cut down on work for the kitchen staff.

Apparently a funnel cloud did its thing seven miles away from us.

As far as the facilities are concerned I can truly say that I have only one gripe. I was told, in no uncertain terms that there was a Starbucks right on campus in the “Commons” building just a stone’s throw from our dorm. It is true. The Starbucks is there, but when I asked one of the college people who looked somewhat official what the hours were she replied,

“Six to ten PM tomorrow.”

What? What? What? Six to ten PM?

I’d call that the old “Bait and Switch Game.” I was not pleased that I would have to make do with the Keurig Single cup coffee gizmo sitting in the lobby of our dormitory. It is not the same thing. There are 35,085 Starbucks on this planet and this has to be the only one open only from six to ten PM. How do these people wake up in the morning? We may need to go on a fact finding mission in town. When they said it was a “Dry” county I had no idea they meant this.

So here we are after our first day at the annual church meeting. We have survived Tornadoes, a Search and Rescue Mission to find some medicinal alcohol, and the sad news about the Starbucks that is here, but not really.

We have driven some 571 miles to get here. I am sure that we will come away with good memories and feeling recharged, but right now I am pooped. I slept well last night after our arrival from the Waffle House and I’m sure that I will sleep well tonight. My only hope is that there are no more tornado warnings. I want to sleep and dream of oceans of coffee and me sailing on it as Captain of a ship made of fresh croissants. It’s my dream, so don’t criticize.


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One thought on “We’re Having Such Funnel

  1. Dawn on said:

    You’re right. The whole Starbucks thing was false advertising. I never did see it open. Thankfully, you DID find a Starbucks tucked inside the grocery store in the next town. Truth in advertising, m’dear.


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