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Do You Believe In Miracles?

A SATURDAY MORNING IN THE RAIN. While you are reading this on a Tuesday I wrote it a couple of weeks ago. And it’s raining again. We could seriously use a miracle.

The past two weeks have been very wet here along the Banks of the Wabash – and those banks are a lot closer than they were before all of this rain. We have had over 7” of rain in the last week or so. Everyone and everything are waterlogged. All I can say in a positive sense is – At least it’s not snow.

If all of this rain had come down as snow we would be sitting down to a dinner of our boiled leather boots like Charlie Chaplin in his film, “The Gold Rush.”

Yup, we need a miracle around here. Not a big one necessarily. Maybe just a medium sized or even a small one – something to give us a chance to catch our breath and check for leaks. I’m trying to not be too fussy.

I am not asking just for myself. I’m also thinking about everyone else around here – and as a sidebar – for the horses and jockeys at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. They are running the Kentucky Derby today and a wet and muddy track can become quite dangerous for man and beast.

(Short Musical Interlude)

It is now 12:39 PM and I do believe that the Big Man has come through for us all. The sun is shining and the sky is blue with a few puffy white clouds scattered about. This sky looks like it belongs on a calendar or a greeting card.

After I wrote the earlier portion of today’s blog I went home and had to semi-slosh my way through “Lake Slow-to-Drain” at the back end of the driveway. The only things missing were some ducks and Jim Cantori from the Weather Channel.

But now…

I am out again making stops at the pharmacy for meds, the Dollar Store to resupply my stash of Tootsie Pops, and an iced tea at St. Arbucks.

When I came out of the backdoor I was expecting to need a kayak or Venus rising from the deep to transport me to the car on her clam shell, but no…

There was a big yellow orb in the sky that someone told me was the sun and “Lake Slow-to-Drain” was receding as fast as a new monk’s hairline. The rain had stopped. I mumbled a sincere “Thank You, Big Man.”

Who says that the age of miracles is past? This morning I said a small prayer and this afternoon….need I say more? Well, yes, I guess that I can.

Dear Lord, thank You again for the break in the rain. The miracle is much appreciated.

I don’t want to push my luck here, but seeing how quick and apparently easy You were able to deal with the weather, I was wondering – would it be possible for You, even a little bit, a mere skosh, to help the pitching staff of the san Francisco Giants? Have You been watching them this season? No You probably haven’t – Your eye is on the sparrow and all that. But those Giants could sure use a little of Your old “razzle-dazzle” on the field. Think of it as the next “Sermon on the Mound.” No offense meant there, but if there was ever a need for a few more loaves and fishes, this is it.

OK, that’s about it. Again, thanks for the sunshine, but the Giants are in Cincinnati where it has also been raining. Game time is 7:10 Eastern time. Do what You can. Much thanks either way.

Amen and Humm Baby!

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4 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Miracles?

  1. Hilbob on said:

    seems like they did okay last night against my Chicago Cubs- play on McDuff

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  2. “At least it snot snow”? Wish it had of been. Of course we’uns in Tear Hoot couldn’t handle that much snow. Seven inches of rain? That’s a lot of snow, figuring 15″ of snow per 1″ of rain. Still……………….

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  3. Snow is beautiful. movies and on greeting cards. Other than that, I’ll take the rain. You can have my share of any snow.


  4. Let go, let God. Little things mean a lot. ☺☺

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