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Sunrise Monday Morning

IT’S 6:45 AM AND I AM IN MY USUAL WRITING POSITION – a corner table at Starbucks – with coffee and a pen. Like most other mornings I start off by checking the online news to see what mischief the world has been up to overnight, and then I look at my mail and lastly, Facebook.

What I see on Facebook is usually enough to launch my day and give me something to write about – but not today. All of my friends and acquaintances are either still asleep or busy monitoring their blood pressure.

The news this morning has nothing going on that might trigger my brain into action – it’s all just the usual stuff. Half the world is sticking out its tongue at the other half. Nothing new there.

Most mornings my e-mail box is filled with assorted nonsense, offers to sell me something I don’t need, and a few responses from the previous day’s blog. Today is no exception other than that the nonsense is almost entirely incoherent, the latest thing I just must buy is no more than a reinvented wheel, and the comments on yesterday’s blog are all polite, well expressed, and mostly accurate.

So, here I am halfway through my first cup and I have no idea what to write about. I suppose I could work on one of my several fiction projects that are piled up in the corner or I could just sit quietly and enjoy the rising sun. That is something I should do more often I think. Lord knows how many more opportunities to do that I will have. Sunsets no longer interest me. I’ve seen enough of those, but a sunrise is different. Each one of those is a gift.

Right now, at this moment in time, the world around me is quiet. I’m not used to that. I have been caught up in the daily scramble for most of my life. It’s been interesting, funny, tragic, and inspiring, but it has also worn me out. I shouldn’t complain about mornings like this. They are just as valid as those other mornings when my day starts with a brass band and spilled milk. A quiet start like today offers me a contrasting view against which to measure those other days. You can never appreciate the mountain top unless you’ve spent some time in the valley.

It is now 7:11 AM. The sun is up, there are some clouds on the horizon, and the noisy part of the day is moving from the background to the forefront. As people wander in seeking their own coffee I see faces that look angry, nervous, and even afraid. There are not many smiles.

Today the sunrise has given me a headstart. I got to sit and watch the sunrise. Maybe my job for the day is to supply my world with a few smiles of appreciation. I’ll give it a try. I think it is a good way to move into this day called Monday.


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5 thoughts on “Sunrise Monday Morning

  1. Sounds like someone is a little Blue this morning. Even so, he writes another good Blog. Now I have to get myself back up, mentally, and run some errands.

    Keep watching the sunrises, John. As “They” say, “Beauty Is In The Beholder”. (Not sure how that relates to your morning writing. It just came to me as I read it.) 🙂


  2. Hilbob on said:

    If I’m up to see the sunrise, then I’m obviously not at work – be that as it may, when I’m up- heck I guess I’m having a good day-means I’m breathing. Here’s hoping a few more quiet mornings come your way John.

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  3. A delightful post-John, I hope my comments are included in the ones above. well, the good one anyway. I do enjoy your post on an almost daily basis. I am a morning person too, and sunrise is the best part of my day and reading your posts always lifts my spirits. I hope you can keep your cold at bay. Keep well, I like the stories from St. Arbucks. ☺☺☺


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