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On The Road Again

WHILE THE CIRCUS IN WASHINGTON CONTINUES I find that there are smaller side shows going on that I find both interesting and entertaining.

Example: While we were down in Texas, visiting family and avoiding nasty northern weather there was a great story on the TV about two Congressional Representatives from The Lone Star State who felt the need to get back to Washington and actually do their jobs. The problem for them achieving this end was that the entire northeast, including D.C. was getting blasted by a late winter snowstorm and airports in the area were closed down.

Rather than fly to someplace relatively nearby, but further south, and then take a train into Washington, these two fine examples of the two party system decided to carpool it and drive the roughly 1500 miles to the Halls of Congress.


The people in Congress freak out if they have to stay in session overnight while someone filibusters and these two guys are going to be together in a car for two to three days. My immediate prediction was that one of them would open the door and jump to their death before they got as far as Little Rock.

Two Congressdudes, one Democrat, one Republican, driving 1500 miles while pretending to be amicable, and not plotting a revolution.

I surely wouldn’t want to be stuck sitting in the backseat having to listen to those two. They did a live interview on local TV from on the road. They had only been traveling for four hours and they already looked like murder was on the agenda.

“We have already discussed Healthcare, Immigration, Finance, Tax Reform….”

They were discussing issues of national importance? My bet is that they were really talking about Where to eat, Where to sleep, and how long between bathroom breaks.

“Let’s eat at Cracker Barrel.” “No, I vote for Mexican.”

“Holiday Inn.” “No, let’s sleep in the car.”

“Rest stop – two miles ahead. I gotta go.” “Hold it until we stop for gas.”

Ah, such cooperation. At least they’re talking.

I imagine that they take turns behind the wheel, but one of them can only turn Right and the other only to the Left.

They started out from southern Texas early this morning. I figure they might get to Washington by Labor Day, just in time for the recess.

 If these two guys can get a better understanding of each other doing this stunt then the idea of driving together might be worth doing on a larger scale.

Hmmmm. Concept brewing…

Let’s try this on for size –

Rent a fleet of buses. Insert all 535 members of Congress into said buses and head off on a cross country drive. They must come to agreement on where to eat and sleep each day. If they can’t reach agreement they sleep on the bus and get all meals at the nearest Waffle House.

Have this drive continue until they start to behave like adults and work together to improve their lot…and if they can’t achieve some sort of civilized behavior, then all the buses head west and it becomes Thelma and Louise Time.

And then we start over with this Congress business.

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