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Creation, Version 1.3

MY CELL PHONE WAS ACTING UP THIS MORNING. Nothing serious. It just appeared to be possessed by demons and wasn’t cooperating at all. Who knows why? So, I did what any sane person would do – I rebooted the darned thing.

Voila! It was all better – obedient, colorful, and utilitarian with no backtalk.

Don’t you wish life was like that? Your day is just not working right – the car wouldn’t start, your Boss is having another psychotic rampage, and when you get home the power is out and the cat has trashed the bathroom.

Time for a Reboot!

I did all of this thinking over coffee – a potentially dangerous activity. Some of my strangest ideas appear when I do that. The following is an example of that.

What if “Reboot” did exist in real life? Not on a petty, day in, day out, “Let the milk still be good,” kind of way, but on a bigger scale – a Cosmic, the Deity doesn’t like how things are going, sort of way.

The idea of “The Big Bang” as the starter’s pistol of the universe is pretty much accepted as being as close to a fact as we are ever likely to get. OK, so a Big Bang happens off somewhere in a remote time (not yet time) and not yet a place and you better duck because everything is coming your way – Everything.

Bang! Whoosh! And here comes Chocolate and Mexican food!

I can accept that with only a few philosophical, cosmological and “Who’s on First” questions.

The Big Bang is the easy part of this whole creation thing for me to buy into. It’s everything after that that causes me to look at it with a squinty eye. And if I’m giving it all the Forest Whitaker look I’m sure that God must be too.

If the Big Bang is the best description of Creation that we can come up with – so be it. My question is this. Is our Universe the sputum of the only Big Bang, or were we Big Bang – Take Two, or Three, Four, or Thirty Seven? If I can do a reboot on my phone why can’t God do a reboot on the whole shooting match? Maybe He hasn’t, but maybe He has.

Creation ver. 1.3

If there has been a reboot on Creation I don’t think we would know it unless there is a cosmic “history” file somewhere, like on Google. That is a search best left to Biblical scholars. For all I know there may be an apocryphal “Book of Stuff You Don’t Need To Know” buried in the sand somewhere.

If we are living in version 1.3 just imagine how screwed up things must have been in versions 1.0 and 1.1 and 1.2?  If you think our world is what gets left by the curb on Wednesday nights then those earlier versions must have really been nasty. Looking at it that way makes me feel better about it all – except for the Designated Hitter Rule in Baseball. That still galls my stones.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part. I have no proof just a caffeine fueled imagination and curiosity. If any of you have anything to add on this big “IF” I’d like to hear it. My eye is ready to go Forest Whitaker again.

And now I think my cup could use a refill.

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One thought on “Creation, Version 1.3

  1. I don’t have anything more to add on the Big Bang thing, nor do I have a theory on how this mess originated, other than what I read in the Bible. However, I do sympathize with any person(s) having a day with car, boss and cat problems – all in one day! Ok, now add to that day, time to go to bed and someone announces there is sewer water all over the basement floor – all of a sudden, source unknown. You rush down to find the stinkwater coming out of the downtube on the washer, gushing upward. You call the emergency number for your Plumber and get his voicemail. You leave a message. At 1:00AM the next morning, not hearing from him, you shut everything down and go to bed. Next morning he calls (a good thing). He comes out and starts to run a motorized cable outside down the clean-out tube. He gets it stuck. He calls his boss. The boss shows up. He can’t get it unstuck either, and says they will have to “dig”. But, not today! In two days! Now the members of the family in the house, which number five(5) that include one teenager, two elementary level kids, and two adults, cannot shower, wash dishes, use the bathroom or anything else besides get a drink of water, until the ditch is dug and the “cleaner-outer” is retrieved and the pipe replaced. Wish us luck!

    NOW…..”Time For A Reboot”!!


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