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Something To Watch Out For

tv1FOR THE LAST SIX MONTHS (AT LEAST) WE’VE HAD A MAJOR CHANGE take place in our television viewing habits. I think that this change has come about because of two things; Online services such as Netflix and Hulu among a number of others have begun to air some new and very creative programming. Just about everyone else has been wallowing in a Political Stew that has been tasteless, without any real meat, and triggering my gag reflex.

So, we were faced with a choice: Enjoy some new and excellent programs or endure sphincter clenching broadcast venom.

Not a difficult decision – let someone else watch all the stuff with zombies.


During our viewing excursion we’ve encountered several excellent shows renew my confidence that there are writers out there who still use their brains, rather than just borrow someone else’s lobes, and have the talent to go beyond all of the clichés.

Allow me to mention a few that we really liked. There will be no “spoilers” here, but remember – “Your mileage may vary.”

tv2“The O.A.” – a strange, and possibly disturbing, Drama with Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Fantasy overtones. The entire run of eight episodes is carried on Netflix.

 If I tried to give you a synopsis of the story we would be here all day, you would be hopelessly confused and I would have a headache. Just trust me on this one. It is creative, tightly written, and it ties up all the loose ends by the time the credits start to roll.

“Travelers” – a US/Canadian project airing on Netflix, starring Eric McCormack – last seen on the sitcom “Will and Grace.”tv4

This ain’t “Will and Grace.”

In “Travelers” McCormack plays an FBI Agent whose life, his very life, is over before it begins – anew.

It is another Sci-Fi series teeming with earthbound adventure. The show originally aired on Canadian television, but now all twelve episodes of the first season are available south of the border.

“Glitch” – This Mystery/Sci-Fi is from Australia. (Don’t be concerned that these first three shows are “Sci-Fi.” That is coincidental and they are not your grandfather’s Sci-Fi. I just couldn’t think of a better genre label to stick on them.

“Glitch” is set in a small town in the Australian Outback (not the steak place) and it is very well tv5done, which is all too rare.

The characters in the show are faced with having to deal with Life and Death, but not necessarily in that order.

Part Sci-Fi, part Soap Opera, and part Police drama this six part show (Also on Netflix) is definitely worth a look, Mate. It has been renewed for a second season and is currently being filmed Down Under.

My last suggestion is a series that has just finished its fourth season and just flat out amazes me.

“Sherlock” is from the UK, but a joint production of the BBC and WGBH of Boston for part of its Masterpiece Theater series on PBS.tv6

The series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson. Set in modern day London the scripts capture the flavor and style of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic novels, rather than just retelling the original stories.

Where would Sherlock Holmes be without his Arch nemesis Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew Scott)? In my highly biased opinion, I must say that Scott pulls off one of the finest acting jobs I have ever seen in my life as Moriarty. Cumberbatch and Freeman are superb actors, but Scott steals his scenes from right under their noses.

The writing for Sherlock is right on target and so tight that you couldn’t slip a slice of cheese into any sentence or paragraph. Watching a series like this stirs up my juices, inspiring me to be the best writer I can unleash.

With any of these shows I think it is best to start watching with Season One, Episode One. If you start farther in the run you may be scratching your head and reaching for the Tylenol.

There is good television out there. There is also Exceptional television as well. I could have added several more shows to this list. We are having a bit of a Creative Renaissance and I, for one, am rolling around in it and I hope it continues for a long time.


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2 thoughts on “Something To Watch Out For

  1. Nothing is quite as good as Sherlock. If you haven’t watched, each of the 3 episodes per series is 1.5 hours, so plan accordingly. We’ve also watched some stinkers, but not many. We’ve gotten better at saying, “Nah…not cutting it.” I know you’re written about these before, but I also would add Fringe (give it the first full season; it had a time finding its legs); Jessica Jones (on a scale of 1-10, a flat out 17); A Place to Call Home (another Aussie winner, pure 50s soap opera and well done).

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  2. The only show on your list that I can get (I don’t have Netflix) is Sherlock, but I started just recently You’re right, I should have started with the first season. I enjoy it, but if an episode is skipped it takes a while to catch up. As a Layman I agree, good writing. Holds ones’ attention, and that’s a rarity these days for any TV show.

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