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Pass The Popcorn

  movie1WE’RE GOING TO THE MOVIES TODAY. It has been about a year since our last trip to the 1,437 Screen Cineplex Monster Theater at The Mall.

Going during the day in the middle of the week can get you in at a lower price. Being a Senior Citizen doesn’t hurt either. Of course, once you are through the door it is time to start checking your credit score. If you stop at the refreshment counter you have to make a choice – Do I want that popcorn, Diet Coke, and Raisinetes or do I want to continue living indoors? I’ve paid less for cars than I have for some movie theater snacks. Oh, well.

For today’s outing I will be the only male – four lovely women and me. Not that the movie we movie4are going to see would be classified as a “Chick Flick,” but I doubt that there will be any car chases, gun fights, or any Cyborg “I’ll be back!” moments in it.

We are going to see, “Hidden Figures,” the story of the women mathematicians who worked for NASA in the early days of the Space Program.

I will offer up a mini-review later today.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this musical interlude brought to you by the “Down the Hall on Your Left Orchestra and Chorus.”








We made it to the movies and got out without having to float a loan.

The five of us made up almost half of the audience for the 1:00 PM showing of “Hidden Figures.”

I heartily recommend this film.

It is the story of three women who worked for NASA as human computers in the early 1960s. Three black women inside a world that was almost exclusively populated by white males.

movie5Set in the first years of the 1960s, computers were just coming into play. Much of the complex mathematics of putting people into space – and bringing them home alive – was still largely done by hand and brain.

The movie is based on a nonfiction book that documents these women’s story. From what I have read it is obvious that the screenwriter played up the racial tensions of those years far beyond the reality of the actual situation of these women. That is unfortunate, but it is still worth buying a ticket and popcorn.

Kevin Costner is the “Big Name” in the cast, but his character is there in a supporting role that helps move the story along. The three women are the stars, and deservedly so.

Being the nitpicking doofus that I am I tend to spot the continuity errors in any movie I see – like an Ancient Roman wearing a wristwatch in Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra.” In “Hidden Figures” I was really into the story, so I only spotted two boo-boos.

1) A scene set in 1961 had a cop driving a 1964 model Ford.

2) There were several shots of an IBM Selectric Typewriter being used, except it wasn’t available until a later date.

I’m sure that there were more, but don’t let minutiae like that get in your way to enjoying this fine film.movie3

It is a rare storyteller who can write about recent history where you know how events played out, but still build and maintain the tension. We know how Alan Shepard and John Glenn fared in their space flights, but the director has managed to make us move to the edge of our seats.

“Hidden Figures” is one of the best films I’ve seen in years. I hope it does well come “Oscar” time.

Pass the popcorn.

deer eating popcorn

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Popcorn

  1. That was nice video, John. Thanks.

    Enjoy your movie. And, the company. I’m thinking about going to see the newest Star Wars movie tomorrow morning before 11A. It’s 5$ at that time. I couldn’t find any reductions in price during the week, but I didn’t look real hard. Have a good time.

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  2. you do realize your cineplex has almost enough screens for each day of the next four years, don’t you? You’ll need about 23 more screens if you want to avoid revisiting the same old sticky floor.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, John.


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