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Throwback Thursday from January 2015

Throwback Thursday from January 2015

Colleges Across The South Abandoned

Ramen Noodle Truck

I SAW THE FOLLOWING news item yesterday and I thought that it might have repercussions beyond just traffic problems.

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — Authorities closed all southbound lanes of Interstate 95 north of Rocky Mount early Wednesday after a tractor-trailer carrying ramen noodles wrecked near N.C. Highway 4.

No other information about the wreck has been released, but boxes of noodles were spilled over a larger portion of the highway.

The state Department of Transportation said the closure could last all morning. Lanes are expected to reopen by 3:30 p.m.”

I thought that when the word of this crash got out all hell would break loose.

My brain created its own little movie of college students all over the South dropping their textbooks and i-phones and rushing to the accident scene.

The first reel, even under the opening credits, would show speeding traffic along Interstate 95, and then the Semi in question loosing traction and slamming into a bridge abutment. Next comes a slo-mo following shot of thousands of those little cellophane packets of the Ramen Noodles spreading out across all lanes like little flavored migratory butterflies.

Music comes up: Paul McCartney and Wings – reunited to sing: “Food on the run.” I can almost smell an Oscar nomination coming for the soundtrack.

The next shot cuts to hordes of skinny underclassmen and women sensing the possibility of free meals, scattering across the landscape, heading toward the Interstate. It is meals just ripe for the picking. An overturned truckload of gold bullion (not bouillon cubes) would not draw such a response.

Those Ramen Noodles don’t grow on trees, y’know. One must strike while the saucepan is hot.

In my collegiate days (Pre-Ramen) we were limited to making grilled cheese sandwiches with a steam iron or instant soups that tasted like flavored sea water. If an accident like this had happened back in the late 1960s I would have been moving with all imprudent speed to scoop up as many free and easy meals as I could stuff into my backpack.  

Most days I can look at news stories and just yawn. Things don’t vary all that much from Six O’clock News to Six O’clock News. If you want to get my attention you’ve got to do something original, or at least really dumb. Spreading several tons of Ramen Noodles across an Interstate highway gets my attention. It also makes me hungry.

Talk amongst yourselves for a while. I’m going out to get some lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday from January 2015

  1. Interesting. It is of special interest because back in those late 60’s, when we were living in East Central Illinois, I had the obligation for a certain Insurance Company to go to those particular type of accidents (semis with food cargo spilled all over the highway) and determine the cause of the accident. Usually by the time I arrived there were several cars parked all over the scene, people out gathering all the goodies they could carry with each trip from the spilled area to their vehicles. I thought it was a good thing and stayed back to just observe. Then, Lo and Behold, in many cases, here came the Illinois Health Department all the way from Springfield. Several men got out of their vehicles and almost ran to where the merchandise was being picked up by the unsuspecting consumers, and stopped their gathering up of the food. They explained they were just doing their job. Needless to say there were many disgruntled men and women voicing their opinions of these gentlemen. Even some physical confrontations. Of course at that point the Illinois State Police finally would arrive and break that up. Never did I see either Department confiscate any of the already captured merchandise from the loaded vehicles. That was the good thing, I guess.

    Oh…, I don’t remember ever grabbing anything for myself. I do remember thinking about it, though. Especially if the items were in the meat category. When I arrived back home with an empty car, I heard scolding for hours from the Wife. I usually responded by telling her she could go to the next one. Then, after I picked myself up off the floor, life resumed as usual. 🙂 🙂


  2. I would like to have seen an episode like that. Like you I would not have taken anything home. It seems to be prepackaged road kill to my mind.


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