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Tea For Two

love1OK, WE’VE DONE IT. WE HAVE SURVIVED THE HOLIDAYS without major weight gain, horrid financial debt, or arrest. We had decent weather all around and pleasant times with family and friends.

Beyond that – who cares?


Well, I do actually. I want everything, from now on, to go my way, according to my wishes and demands. But we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

I guess that the next Holiday is Groundhog Day. I don’t feel much one way or the other about that one. I’m not Bill Murray and I’m nowhere near Punxatawney, Pennsylvania.

After that comes Valentine’s Day, a lovely day created by and for the Candy and Greeting Card Industries.

And to Love. I’m a big fan of Love.

Without Love the world would be unbearable. Without Love life would be as interesting and enjoyable as Primetime Network Television. Eliminate Love and there would be little reason to get up in the morning and even less reason to get into bed at night.

There are those who say that “Love makes the world go ‘round.” I think it slows down the world’s spin a bit, making things more manageable and stable so there is less need to hold on for dear life.

Let’s face it – if it weren’t for Love we would still be living in caves and only bathing on the Equinoxes whether we thought we needed it or not.

love3Without Love men would never shave and women would never worry about a broken fingernail. Soap would be just a concept.

Love takes us beyond ourselves. It makes us sure that “Tea for Two” is better than “Friends in Low Places.” Love lets the TV remote control change hands. Without Love there would be no Hallmark Channel or ESPN. It would all be The Weather Channel and C-SPAN.

Yes, I’m a big fan of Love. It keeps me going because I can’t imagine not being with Dawn. When I am with her my heart beats a little faster. Away from her and it beats merely out of habit.

I like being in love with my wife. She gives me a purpose beyond errands and chores. She lets my brain think about the future rather than just last year’s baseball season. Without her I’d love6miss most of my doctor’s appointments out of a “who cares” attitude toward life. I care because she cares – and it’s a two-way street. When I wrap my arms around her I want to live forever and I think that maybe I can.

Being with her is a bigger cause for celebration than any other date on the calendar. Today is more important than Valentine’s Day. Today is the day when my love for my wife grows stronger and deeper. The really beautiful part of it is that I get to celebrate it all again tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up and make a pot of tea. I may be moving slower than I used to, but as long as I can still shuffle along I will always be glad to pour her a cup. After all, it’s more than just tea – it’s Love.


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5 thoughts on “Tea For Two

  1. very sweet about the love of your life there-and congrats for obviously passing the remote control test- I probably need to work on that one

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  2. I wonder if no-love is why I don’t shave every day like I used to (?). Sometimes not even once a week. I lost my Love four years ago this March. Seems I just can’t get that kind of Love, back. 😦

    Or……maybe I’m just lazy! 🙂

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  3. I love you… more. 🙂 And thank you for making that pot of tea every morning. Just one of the many ways you show love. (Though, passing the remote might be considered another.)

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  4. I hold my weight over the holidays. It’s depressing and gloomy January and February where it all goes to pot. Too much beer on the way home from work.

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