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Coffee And Cake At 7 AM

cake1ONE OF THE MORE INTERESTING PARTS OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON – maybe the most interesting part – is taking time to observe the children. Take a moment to watch a three year old when they first see all of the colorful and glittering lights.

I never knew eyes could be that big.

The look on the face of a Little One must be similar to when the first self-aware humans looked up at the night sky.


This morning as I sat slumped over my coffee down at St. Arbucks I saw one of the regulars. He was dressed for work. He is a driver for Fed Ex. Sitting next to him was his Granddaughter. She was no more than three years old. It was only 7 AM, but she sat in her chair, her feet not reaching the floor, her eyes taking in everything around her – the bright lights, the music, the noises from behind the counter – all while keeping a firm grip on her “Cake Pop.”

It wasn’t yet busy in the coffee shop so Grandpa allowed her to slide down from her chair and wander about. With her sweet treat firmly in hand she casually walked around, investigating everything and everyone. I think this may have been her first visit to St. Arbucks. The look on her face was one of amazement without a trace of fear or shyness. She hadn’t learned those yet.

cake4She saw me sitting alone in the corner and came over. She smiled and gave me a small wave, took a nibble of cake. I waved back to her as she turned to see what was going on elsewhere.

She was having a wonderful time and seeing her helped to lift my spirits on a dark and bone chilling morning. I wish she could be there every morning.

When she left, on her way to Daycare, I looked around and saw that everybody in the place was smiling. At 7 AM that is something rarely seen.  Without knowing it, that little girl had blessed the day of everyone there. What a wonderful Super Power she has. I hope she cake5never loses it. Without ever saying a word she went about her exploration, taking in the sights, sounds, and aromas, and leaving smiles, lifted spirits, and something warm to carry with us, in her wake.

I wish I’d meet more people like her.

With this year coming to a creaky finish I’m going to have to talk with Grandpa and see if he can be convinced to bring his Granddaughter in again – like every day maybe? I’d be glad to chip in a few bucks to keep her supplied with Cake Pops. I’m sure that everyone else in the joint would be glad to join in to keep her coming.

Everyone needs to have someone like this young girl in their life. What a difference she made on our morning. Just think of the positive effect it would make in our world if, each morning, we could all start the day sharing in the joy and wonderment of a three year old.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee And Cake At 7 AM

  1. This wasn’t necessarily sad, but I had a tear boil up in each eye. You’re correct, too…..” if each morning, we could all start the day sharing in the joy and wonderment of a three year old”. If only. Thanks, John.

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  2. I may not be conscious at 7 a.m., but it’s nice to know that things like this bring you home with a smile! Maybe we could all share in this Super Power and bring smiles to those around us.

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