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Weather Or Not

cold1THE COLDER WEATHER THAT COMES THIS TIME OF YEAR HAS ITS CONSEQUENCES. It can be hard on the driveway as the cycles of freezing and thawing temperatures turn those little hairline cracks into gaps that could house a family of raccoons.

The cold can also make it hard to get comfortable sitting in the car. Thank goodness that problem is easily solved if I remember to use the Remote Starter feature to get the car all toasty warm.


One other adjustment that the change of seasons requires of me is that I have to change wardrobes. My ubiquitous Hawaiian Shirts get pushed to the back of the closet and the Sweatshirts come to the front. Lord knows I have enough of both.

This morning it is in the high 30s outside – not Hawaiian Shirt weather. In my opinion it is not Krafty weather either, but I have no control over that. God has hidden the thermostat very well.

I flipped on the TV this morning and the Weather Bunny on channel two stumbled her way through the forecast: Cold, Dry, Sunny, followed by Darkness later tonight. That’s the gist of all her reports – cover all the bases. She did repeat the word Cold several times, so I figured that she might be on to something. I reached for a Sweatshirt.

Today’s Sweatshirt has emblazoned across the chest, “Krafty’s University.” In the middle it has a nice, official looking, seal with a few words of Latin circling a book.

“Krafty’s University” – my very own university.

cold3Sometimes people will ask me where Krafty’s University is located. I tell them, “You’re looking at it. I am the Chancellor, the Student Body, and the campus – all rolled into one.” When I do that the other person tends to smile uneasily and back away.

I’m jiggy with that.

I like that Sweatshirt. It keeps me warm and that is what a Sweatshirt is supposed to do. If it conveys a message at the same time – so much the better. I do have a couple of plain Sweatshirts – no slogans, logos, or opinions. I’ve been known to wear those to church – weather permitting.

When the season dictates that it is Sweatshirt time I will wear one almost every day. I’m a bit of a Freeze Baby. I’m always cold. Once it gets below 70 degrees I break out the heavy-duty shirts and pants. I get my warm boots polished and then I go shopping for those little hand warmer thingys that are designed to keep deer hunters from freezing. I don’t go hunting for anything cold4other than a good book and a cup of coffee.

Properly dressed and accessorized I am ready to face the world – no matter how cold it is. Let that little Weather Bunny do her worst. I can take it.

When the planet circles around the Sun and we tilt on our axis the warm weather will return. It’s a scientific fact – one of my favorite scientific facts, right behind Gravity and ahead of Time moving in only one direction.

When that warm weather comes back around I’ll put away the Sweatshirts and get the Hawaiian Shirts back from their exile in the rear of the closet.

Life is a cycle – Hot to Cold, Light to Dark, and To and Fro. No matter what you do you will eventually find yourself back where you started – hopefully you will be properly dressed for the weather. If there is any doubt I have a fine selection of both Hawaiian Shirts and Sweatshirts to choose from.

Just knock first.cold5

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3 thoughts on “Weather Or Not

  1. “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”. I laugh out loud at points in that movie every time I watch it. Steve and John worked good together.

    I notice you also have a t-shirt with Krafty’s University stitched on the front. I think I’ll get me one of those. Not with Krafty’s on it though. My own logo, if I can think of one. I guess I can copy yours and put Ron’s University on it, or do as you and use my last name. I like the sweatshirt apparel for now through at least March. Maybe, then, a t-shirt.

    Is this “rambling”? Sorry, just thinking and pondering out loud. Well, not out loud. Ok, I’m done.


  2. Try for custom t-shirts, etc.

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  3. I like that you hunt for books, appreciate those scientific facts – and are jiggy. Sounds like you’ve gone full circle and are back to the basics. Ahhh – as life should be.


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