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The Odds Are…Odder Than Most

ticket1Well, plans for Christmas are now in place. We will be flying down to Texas and spending  a week or so visiting with Family. I can’t think of a better way to spend the Holidays. OK – maybe hitting the jackpot on the lottery while there would be better, but the odds are not in our favor.

My wife, the lovely and optimistic, Dawn will go for a “Quick Pick” lottery ticket on occasion. She doesn’t do it all the time. She has standards – the jackpot has to be at least $100 Million Dollars or it’s not worth the investment of a dollar bill. I can’t argue with that. It really is a game of “Go big or go home,” so she goes big and then goes home anyway.


So far we haven’t hit the jackpot. That much should be obvious. If we had hit it big this blog would be delivered to you by a courier in a cheesy uniform. I think our biggest payoff so far has been $4.00. You can’t hire a reliable courier for $4.00.

Dawn is the usual lottery ticket purchaser, but I will drop a dollar or two. I like to wait until the top prize hits “significant portion of the national debt” numbers. If I’m going to become one of the “Nouveau Riche,” I want to really emphasize the “riche” part. I’m too old to be much of a “nouveau” anything anymore.

If we did hit it big I’m sure that Dawn and Moi would still be the same down to earth people we are now. We’d just have a better car, a bigger home, and a suddenly developed affinity for food that doesn’t come with an expiration date.

ticket5One thing we actually have discussed in response to a sudden acquisition of wealth is, “What about the house?”

Our home, while a warm and comfortable house, is just not big enough to contain our varied interests. Dawn is a weaver and it would be great to have a studio just for her looms and yarn. I do stuff like this blog and other writing projects. I could use a space for my computer, notebooks, and varied medications.

Fortunately, the house sits on a double lot in a nice neighborhood in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Do you want any ‘scratch-offs’?”). If our ship, the S.S. Season Tickets, comes in we would move into some temporary digs while a new and much bigger house goes up on that nice wide lot.  I don’t think the neighbors would mind. We’re quiet and I would make sure that the new shooting range was fully soundproofed.

Oh, we can dream, can’t we?ticket4

While it would be nice – more than nice actually – to have enough money to indulge in such fantasies as our very own “Casa Absurda,” we could be happy with much less. We don’t need a hundred million dollars. Fifty million would do. Why, we would even settle for twenty million. We’re not greedy, we just have expensive tastes. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” – As the cliché goes.

I really don’t think the neighbors will object to the new Satellite Uplink Facility in the yard. I mean, what’s a Compound without a decent Satellite Uplink Facility?


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