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Meanwhile …Down At The Mini-Mart

pickle2I STOPPED IN AT THE LOCAL GAS STATION/MINI-MART the other day. I was on a mission from Dawn. My objective was your standard 739 oz. size Dr. Pepper.

As I stood there waiting for the cup to fill my attention wandered like a fruit fly. Down near the bottom of the large cooler case, alongside all of the cold beverages, I spotted something I had never seen before – a display offering me a snack item that promised me that it was, “The perfect junk food alternative with no calories, no carbs, no cholesterol, gluten-free, and absolutely no fat!”


“Pickle In A Pouch”

I had never heard of the “Pickle in a Pouch” before even though I learned that they had been pouching them since 1898.

Where have I been?

I took a snapshot of the display. It did nothing to enhance my desire to try one. Frankly, with all of those things it is not, I suspect that the Pouch might be tastier.

Having ruled out myself as a potential Pickle in a Pouch patron I began to wonder about who would possibly purchase a Pickle in a Pouch? A particular person perhaps – a Picklephile?

I checked on the progress of the Dr. Pepper flow. It was only 1/3 full. I had time to look deeper into the Pickle in a Pouch.

The display at the Mini-Mart showed me that I had an array of choices. I could have your basic Dill Pickle. If I was in a more religious mood I could opt for the Kosher Pickle. (I did not check for any rabbinical verification on that claim.) I could also pick a Hot Pickle out of the cooler, or even a Sour Pickle. Honestly, I had assumed that all of the pickles would be sour to one degree or another. I saw no “Sweet Pickle” being offered.

pickle3The Dr. Pepper was up to half full. I returned to my Pickle in a Pouch pursuit.

I Googled “Pickle in a Pouch” and found the Home Page of the manufacturer – producer – pickler – or whatever, in Waterloo, Iowa.


I would have expected New York City or New Jersey, or even Chicago, but Waterloo, Iowa? I’ve never thought of Iowa as a hotbed of either pickles or pouches. I never thought that my discovery of Pickles in a Pouch would become an educational experience. Who knew?

Dr. Pepper was lapping at the brim of the cup so I returned home to a lovely and thirsty Dawn.

When I told her of my Pickle in a Pouch Fact finding mission to the Mini-Mart she was as impressed as I was – which wasn’t all that much. It was more of a “Gee whiz, who’d a thunk it?” than enthusiasm or even any level of desire to open a pouch or two.big_papa_case

As things go, this whole pickle thing was not a highlight in my life. It was more or less a blip on my personal radar screen. I feel that I have wasted too much of my time, and possibly yours as well, on this whole Pickle in a Pouch business.

I think I need to be more careful when I go to that Mini-Mart. If I hadn’t been paying close attention I might have spilled Dr. Pepper all over the place.

When I weigh the relative values of these two things – Dr. Pepper and Pickle in a Pouch – the pickles come in a distant second. I’m sorry if that bothers anyone, but…

I’m no fool.


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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile …Down At The Mini-Mart

  1. Good, John. Different. Difference is “The (Pickle) of Life”.

    I’ve seen those PIP things in stores. Never tried one. I probably would if it had a Candied Dill inside. I like those. Sweet. Hard to find in a bottle anymore, and I don’t understand that. I guess it’s like a lot of things, if it tastes good don’t count on it being on the shelves too long. If you like Candied Dills and you find a jar someplace, buy two or three. Then call me and I’ll buy a one from you.


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