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Things That Go Boom In The Night

boom1IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE OTHER THINGS IN THE NEWS there has been word of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones. It seems that they have developed a nasty habit of exploding and bursting into flames. I always thought that dropping a call was as upsetting as a phone could get. I didn’t think that my phone could ever go Super Nova on me.


From around the world there have been reports of these Samsung phones catching fire – on planes, sitting on a desktop, and even while tucked away in someone’s pocket. Not fun.

I’m sure the Samsung Corporation is scrambling. They have been recalling the phones and replacing all of the lithium batteries (the alleged culprit). Unfortunately this hasn’t helped. The new batteries have also been lighting up the night sky.

But now things have gone from bad to worse.

Samsung thought they were getting the upper hand when reports began to surface that Samsung Washing Machines were exploding as well.

Exploding Washing Machines? That must be a new cycle between Rinse and Spin.

boom7All of this Appliance Explosion business piqued my interest. I shifted into my own Research Mode to learn more – and did I ever. All sorts of things have been blowing up.  

The hipster fad of Electronic “E-Cigarettes” (AKA “Vapes”) – have been exploding too. I can’t imagine that it must be all that pleasant to have something explode in your mouth. A lot more than the cigarette would be smoking, I’m sure.

Even more disturbing have been the news items about those exploding batteries being used in Hearing Aids. The only upside to that is that the poor victim wouldn’t hear it happen.

Just the other day I saw a news story about Exploding Snow Blowers. Well, not the blowers themselves, but the plastic wheels on the gizmo. How on earth do plastic wheels explode? That one baffles me.boom4

When I Googled this whole chain of events I got 30 pages of responses. 30 Pages!

I found stories from around the world about all kinds of products going BOOM! In the night.

  1. Children’s Aromatherapy Bath products – Kaboom!
  2. Chinese “Hoverboard” skateboard toys – Kaboom!
  3. From Australia: Scented Candles in “Glow Jars.” – Kaboom!
  4. Martha Stewart’s “Everyday Living” Glass Patio Tables – Kaboom!

The list goes on, including car sunroofs and glass shower doors that have gone to pieces when heated just a teeny-tiny too much.

boom5The most unusual story about exploding products was detailing a number of incidents where Home Pregnancy Gender Test Kits have been going up in flames when the curious user urinates on the test strip. That has to be too close for comfort in many ways.

I also read news reports saying that Automobile Airbags that are supposed to explosively inflate in an accident have not been inflating. Things that shouldn’t explode – do explode and things that should – don’t. What is going on around here? The next thing you know our Fourth of July Fireworks will all be duds and we’ll have to use matches to celebrate.


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2 thoughts on “Things That Go Boom In The Night

  1. Educational. I had not heard, or seen, anything about all those things exploding. And, your list goes on. Thanks, John, interesting reading. (I was going to comment on what you said about the Hard Of Hearing when the batteries explode, but decided not to). 🙂 Kaboom!!!

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  2. loving my chinese hoverboard. for now.

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