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Throwback Thursday from October 2015

Throwback Thursday 2Throwback Thursday from October 2015

Love Among The Lattes

Barista weddingIT’S NOT OFTEN that you can have an, “Awwwww,” moment at St. Arbucks. Most of the time I have “Oh, for crying out loud,” moments there.

But not yesterday.  It was, “Awwwww,” all around.

Two members of the St. Arbucks Corp of Baristas were on the scene to make an announcement – they were going to be getting married!

Now, I have to be honest here, while everyone says that they both had worked at the Chapel where I attend and have a cuppa, I don’t remember him at all. He seems to be a nice young man and I’m sure that he will be a good hubby for the young lady barista. But his face rings no bells.

I remember her better because she was very outgoing, very good at her job, and very tattooed. That’s the kind of thing I remember. I don’t think that the young male barista had any tattoos. He looked to be more of a “Partridge Family” person while she is closer to “Aerosmith.”

When they came in to the shop and made their announcement everybody behind the counter squealed, giggled and switched into hugging mode. I was one of only two customers present. Neither of us squealed or giggled. Hugging was out of the question. The Bride-To-Be waved to me and I waved back. The Groom-To-Be spent most of the time standing by quietly and looking uncomfortable. I think he is just a shy sort. I hope so.

I can just imagine how they met while steaming each other’s milk and fell in love by the Drive-Thru Window.

Over the past few years I have seen St. Arbucks become a hot spot for University Study Groups and a satellite office for many companies that use it to conduct job interviews. Textbooks and clipboards are sitting on a number of tables at any given time. And then over in the corner you will see either me or one of the other writers who use the store as an office. I never thought I would ever see it as fertile ground for love blossoms.

There have been several other moments when it seemed that romance might be sprouting behind the counter. Unfortunately those moments ended up as sexual harassment accusations. No squeals. No giggles. No hugging. It was some attempted hugging that apparently initiated the harassment problems. Tricky business that.

Those employees didn’t stay very long once they stepped over that line. It is crowded enough behind the counter without having unwelcome words and hands making it even more so.

I doubt that I will get an invitation to the wedding. I wouldn’t even know what kind of gift to get for them. What do you give to two baristas? While candlesticks are always a good choice – a Mr. Coffee is not. Maybe a tea cosy or “His and Her” Bagel Slicers?

Well, I wish them luck. They are young and both employed – that will help. They seem to be two young people who are not afraid of hard work, because being a barista at St. Arbucks is a very difficult job. Putting up with the public is hard enough, but then they have to deal with jokers like me who come in, perch in the corner and watch them. A tough gig.

I lift my coffee to them in a toast – “Congratulations, Good Luck, and I’d like to get a refill, please.”

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday from October 2015

  1. Well, again, there’s no place to click and say, “I liked this”. So, I’ll say it here. I liked this! It was fresh and had some funny spots, even if it was over a year old. Sometimes our look back at happenings are funnier than if they happened today. Someone, sometime, told me that. They said, “You’re not as funny today as you were a year ago”. Not sure what prompted that. I guess “they” were just trying to be funny(ier).


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